Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year's Eve

The end of another year and altho I am greeting 2014 with Walking Pneumonia (now known as Atypical Pneumonia)   luckily I have a steroid and an antibiotic so hopefully within a few days I will be feeling well. But tonight, Oh Joy!  So Robert and I are spending a quiet night together and probably will be in bed long before the ball drops.

I am grateful for 2013.  I learned so much, feel I have grown in the right direction, have felt the Spirit teach me in areas that I faced.  So I look forward to 2014.  If it plays out as it should, Robert may be retiring and that's going to be great.

My kids are healthy and well and faithful and for that I am grateful.  So are Robert and I. What more can we ask?  So to all...Happy Old Year and Good Night.


Lin Floyd said...

thanks for starting me on my blogging journey. it's been fun to keep in contact!

Rolling Meadows Homeowners Association said...

Happy new year!!

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