Monday, December 09, 2013

English Beef Pie

Yesterday we had 2 missionaries over for dinner.  I prefer to make special dinners when they come, not just the ordinary fare.  I was going to serve pork chops that I love but Robert isn't too fond of them.  So I decided that perhaps my grandmother's (Gladys Evans Holman) English Beef Pie would be good. It's cold outside and this is something that cooks ALL DAY is a very slow oven.  I am fairly certain it's a leftover concept from when she was a young girl in Cornwall, England, and probably only had a coal or wood burning stove.

I got the wonderful beef/steak and onions ready before church and we ate at 5.  The beef was an excellent cut anyway but by dinner time the beef just melted in our mouths.  Plus, when I make this dish (usually for my birthday because that's always my request) I always use my grandmother's hammered aluminum pan/lid.
 As you can see, the above picture was taken just as laid on the crust to bake toward the end of the cooking time.  The gravy sometimes peeps through the crust and makes it all so wonderful
And here's the lid.
Yes, this is a very old set.  One that not only my grandmother used but also my mom.  Both of them used it for the English Beef Pie.  I cannot recall anything else even being baked in this pan.  And I only use it for this as well.


I think it might have been in the making to think of my mom and her mom yesterday.  Dawn texted me about a brooch and then this picture.
The shooting star was from my grandmother and the other 4 from my mom. Dawn was wearing the lower right one yesterday to church to give her confidence when she played in Sacrament Meeting with the Primary kids...and wanted some history if I knew any.  I didn't. But we both were on the same page yesterday.

Families are the best and are never far from us.  It's comforting to know that even using something that belonged to them can bring them a whisper away.  And yes, I talk to them as I made the English Beef Pie.


heather said...

Sounds delightful. Do you have the recipe to share?

And is there a pasty recipe from Cornwall to go along with it?

Lin Floyd said...

looks yummy especially on a cold day-it's 2 degrees F now...brr!

Dawn Barrett said...

I thought one of these broaches were given to Sah by your dad...that is what I thought you told me years ago. Does that ring any bells?

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