Friday, November 08, 2013

Oskar and Honor at 1

Oskar and his whole family battled the flu during his real 1st birthday  on November 6.  They celebrated together quietly but we got them a couple of days later.

Naturally we weren't with Honor on her day, November 7...the very day after Oskar....but I snagged a picture from Jocelyn's Blog for this memory.

This is Honor with the flashlight learning toy we sent her:

These are totally adorable, tender little people.  Each has a special spirit...and there's light and understanding and mischief in their eyes.  What awaits them in this world I can only hope is goodness and the strength to endure.

Happy Birthday my little Shishkabeasties!  Granny loves you


Lin Floyd said...

little grand kiddies are so fun. I still have two ages 4 and 1 and a half.

Dawn Barrett said...

And Gunner and Bonpapa have my kids flash lights on there first birthdays. You are Papa are carrying on the tradition. To change the order of your posts, go back into the edit mode. Safe as a draft. Then go back and change the time and date under schedule...on the right hand column under edit. Hit publish once more.

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