Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Something revisited

A couple posts ago, I wrote this:  If we could treat everyone we see as if it would be the last time, how would that change the things we do and the things we say?  A friend asked me to check in on her parents while she's on vacation, assigning me 2 days.  I went over yesterday with a pot of soup and was SO upset at the pain they both were in, but particularly the dad.

Looking at him...old, legally blind, unable to walk or even to stand...made me again grateful for the instancy of death that took Bonpapa.  I was heartsick for him, his wife and his family.  It's not that he's dying...any more than any of us are...but he just looked so frail, so tiny, so full of hurt.   

And this is what I be reminded that we serve each other just for the joy of being able to be with people while we still have them.

I have another friend whose mom, in her 90s, has been diagnosed with cancer and now CDif...I asked if I could visit her as I do know her and will be given the green light when they get the Cdif under control.  This is a lovely woman, raised loving kids, buried one, a stalwart of grace and kindness now living her life alone without her dear husband.  But how blessed she is to have 2 amazing daughters and grandkids who love her, care for her, are her advocates.  And I know they treasure each moment with her or on the phone to if it might be her last.

So I will rededicate my time to appreciating those that still are with me. I've been blessed with godparents who cared and care for me but who need me now.  I have no idea how long they will be around but for now, they are...and it's time to party with them again.

Find a person like this...enrich your life!

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Lin Floyd said...

there are many like this in our retirement area!

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