Friday, October 25, 2013

Lorain County Reads

Yesterday Lorain County Libraries sponsored the Lorain County Reads Day at the Spitzer Center at LCCC and the guest you know this car?
 I have to say that unless you live in Ohio, you probably do not. But this 1959 Nash Metropolitan belongs to Neil Zurcher of the One Tank Trips fame (see ).  Neil has spent just about all his life in broadcasting and for over 25 years had a series called One Tank Trips.  He would take us along with him as he visited some famous and also not-so-famous places.  Yesterday he told us that his car holds about 9 gallons of gas and got about 39 mpg.  Neil is actually from Henrietta, Lorain County.

Currently this is still his car but it is housed in a museum in Canton, OH...coming out for special events like this.  After the presentation, the crowd mobbed the car for pictures.  I am glad I grabbed that one before it started....and then took this one with Joanne Eldridge who is the Director of our Lorain Public Library System.

 This year I have spent the first of 5 years as a Trustee of the Lorain Library System and it has been such a learning experience on so many levels. I know or am learning about funding and grievances and programs and petitioning the state for better or promised funding.  I have visited all the libraries within our system as well as those that surround us.  I have met with a State representatives in an Avon Lake meeting over library matters.  I have also sat through a very noisome meeting between 2 libraries NOT in our system...where one who had originally asked the state to define their boundaries (1989) and suddenly wanted to change those boundaries and take over areas from another, neighboring library. We only went in support of the latter library and to know what this first library was up to so we could be armed should they attempt to take over our system (and as of yesterday, they lost. The state library board was pulled into this but when the final determination was made that the 2010 tax levy would stand and that the Elyria library system could not change the boundaries because of that levy (and despite SB321), Elyria dropped their suit against Grafton/Midvew.  That's a huge win for G/M and I have to say, these people from Elyria Libraries were unpleasant!
 Anyway, on with the show. This is Neil Zurcher at the podium.  We walked into the Spitzer Conference Center to the foyer all filled with linen set tables, glasses and water, pens and paper at each table. Amazing sliders, fruit slices, and desserts...all free, including the main event!   A centerpiece lovely wrapped for fall with an amazing 'flower' adorning each wrapped package (which was the door prize per table).  Our Megan Hayes, LPLS PR   introduced me to the woman from Grafton Midview who knew the one had made these flowers.  Assistant Library Director, Toni Whitney, called that woman over so I could meet her and I am going to drive down to one of their craft days and Jennifer Lang will teach me how to make these.  I sat with the most delightful people at our table, none of whom I had ever met before.'s all such a wonderful connection.  You are never alone!  Someone is always willing and ready to hook you up.
 This again is Joanne who was the emcee for the event.  I want to mention something about Joanne here that has nothing to do with this event.  A number of years ago, our Domonkas Library hosted a Scrabble night once a month.  I love playing Scrabble and thought I'd give it a go.  There were only 3 of us there...Joanne, Elaine Walkden and me. And let me tell you, these 2 ladies were SHARKS at this game. I was so out of my depth.  They could put more words together joining with others than anyone I had ever seen!  I decided never to join them again...and when I left, they copied a piece of paper and told me to memorize these words..2 letters, 3 letters, q without u, mostly vowels, or mostly consonants.  I feared these ladies but now I am working side by side with them at the Friends Meeting (yes, I am secretary to our Friends group), book sales and any library function.

Neil actually took us on a historical tour, if you will.  How he got into the business, how he started this show, and the fun places he traveled. So many wonderful stories.  He began by telling us a story he was told by a farmer, who it turns out was his grandfather.  It involved watching in the rain for a train and what it was like..and then that train story turned out to be the train that carried Lincoln's body. It was on the Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati RR traveling to Springfield, IL where the President would be buried.  Neil wondered if this was a true story or one of the stories a grandfather would tell a grandson.  So he researched the info and sure enough, this train passed through Columbia Twp, Lorain County, OHIO Sat. Apr 29, 1865,  at 1am, then 23 minutes later it passed through Grafton.  At 2am it passed through Wellington, OH and then at 2:17am the train passed his grandfather's farm in Rochester...and sure enough...reports mentioned how it rained that whole night.  Neil learned how the storytelling job worked and appreciated all the stories his grandfather had shared with him and has since created wonderful stories for us all.  It was a delightful afternoon with this aging gentleman (and yes, I recorded it with my iPhone).
 Here is a last minute discussion between Neil and Joanne as he exited the platform.  He had his book on sale and I think might have greeted the attendees.  And if you are interested, he currently drives a PT cruiser, convertible, also sitting alongside the Metropolitan., top down on a very brisk fall afternoon but the sun shined outside and by Neil inside.

With 5 kids and me a stay-at-home mom, we bought books but could hardly afford to buy many so our family lived at the library, served at the library, enjoyed the lake at the library.  The kids did crafts there.  We learned to love authors and certain books.  Like Marissa's fav:  I Can Do It!  Long before I fell in love with computer, I literally fought the idea of having one in my home, saying 'if my kids need a computer they can go to the library or to school and use one' which they did....and now I am never without one...currently there are 6, to be 7, in our home...3 laptops, 2 smart phones, and 1 iPad.  But I really think the library has impacted our lives. Robert and I still visit the library, take out books (and since our system employs ClevNet we can request and renew books right from home), but luckily now that we are both Golden Buckeye aged, we don't pay overdue fines.  That is a huge plus. We do work hard at not having overdue books now anymore than we did when we had 5 kids in the home.  Books always have been sacred things and to lose one would have been a sin!  To be late to return one would mean that possibly someone else would not have it on time.

I would hope everyone could enjoy their library as much as we do ours.  Take advantage of all they offer you by way of special events, crafts, meetings, as well as book, magazines, CDs, DVDs.  Serve them by becoming a Friend or whatever your local library would call it.

THANKS! LORAIN COUNTY READS.  Yesterday was great!

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Lin Floyd said...

looks like an interesting day. I ended my official career as a school librarian, so I love libraries too.

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