Monday, October 28, 2013

Good for you Connor

This is a letter Dawn received from school today and shared it with me.  I want to blog it, not to boast but because I want to keep it.  I hope Connor keeps a copy for himself, someplace special and private so that when he's feeling down or deserted, when he thinks his parents are too tough on him, he can go quietly to the place and read this, be reminded he's a great kid.  What I love about this, besides that fact this is my grandson, is that he has a teacher who will take the time to see, recognize, relate and respond to a kid.
This picture I'm adding because it shows the kind of kid Connor is. This, as you may recall from an earlier blog post, is at our Stake's AP Commemoration Campout.  Here he is, nurturing his wee cousin Henry.  Just a quiet moment that someone at the camp saw and snapped for me...Robert or Ken, I can't recall who.

Mr. and Mrs. Barrett,

I have the pleasure of working with Connor in both my STAR and ELA classes.  After doing this for over 26 years, I’ve begun to realize that it’s far too easy to get caught up in the problems, troubles, or issues involving a fair number of our students and forget that we have the opportunity to meet with some really “neat” (showing my age) young men and women.

Connor most definitely falls into the latter category and I just wanted to touch base and let you know how glad I am to have him on Team 8B this year.  He’s unfailingly polite and respectful, a bit on the quiet side but always willing to get involved in classroom discussions and help others.  We just got a new student on Friday, and he already “adopted” him before I had a chance to ask him to do so.  He’s doing outstanding work in my class and is always focused on the task at hand.  When given independent time, he uses it well and doesn’t distract others.

It doesn’t hurt that I’ve seen him in his D-A t-shirt.  I was quite involved in Scouting and spent a lot of time there and at other camps in the state.  I even worked for the BSA for 5 years after college because teaching positions weren’t readily available.  In this day and age, it’s nice to see that some older students are still involved in the program as it isn’t considered to be the “coolest” thing out there these days.  I know that I took some life-long traits away from my time in Scouting that remain with me to this day.

It’s obvious that Connor is the product of a terrific household led by quality parents, and I wanted to thank you helping him to become the young man that he has developed into today.

Tim Farrell, BS in Ed, MAT
English/Language Arts, Team 8B

Waldon Middle School, LOCS


Dawn Barrett said...

I was thrilled to pieces when I read this after school today too!

Lin Floyd said...

what a compliment for the parents too!

Rebecca Holt Stay said...

Well said, well deserved.

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