Wednesday, October 09, 2013

General Conference

We have just concluded 10 hours of General Conference TV viewing (well 2 hours belonged to Robert and Hank who met at the Stake Center to view it while I stayed at home to await the treat at night's end...NOT watching the Priesthood Session which I could have because it was televised for the first time but did not because I have never done so before.  I prefer to have Robert come home and tell me about it AND then read the talks in a couple of weeks).  How these elderly gentlemen can sit and stay awake this long always amazes me. As I get older, my eyelids seems to become heavier but that's a good thing in a way in that it forces me to pay closer attention.

Six months ago, I made these blank books into note taking books for conference. On the front page, again, I posted some questions I was hoping to be answered, #3 was Women/Priesthood which I only threw in at the last minute because I already had the answer to that one.

My overall question was answered by Elder Hales.  Ulisses Soares answered my first one. Not sure any specific person answered #2 but I haven't read the Priesthood session yet... so maybe there.   Sister Stephens answered #3 atho just about EVERYONE touched on #3 without even bringing those words to their lips.  Each time I smiled and thought, "Man, it's this easy...what's wrong with Kate Kelley and her ilk.  Why can they not see what's been in front of their faces this whole time?"  But then again, as always, the answer appears like a Harry Potter vision....It's not what's in front of their faces, it's who....and that WHO is not the Lord...but the great whisperer.

Jocelyn called to chat about the talks and made a comment (for those of us who already know) that it was a bit frustrating that we had to hear these comments over and over when there was so much else we could have been instructed in.  My comment to her, as it was to Robert, was that at the moment of the talk, we heard the obvious...but now we needed to go back, study the words again and find the other messages.  And there were so many other messages within those specific talks.

Robert mentioned things like  God's Glory, Repentance, Forgiveness.  I would add that there's a great deal of things that WE NEED TO LEARN OF OURSELVES. How about the biggie of DEPRESSION? That death is only a temporary separation.  To LOVE no matter what they do or what happens.    Or How about consecrating all your time (WAIT...that did answer #2).  Did you not just love Edward Dube and his teaching that baptism is a life long commitment in all our levels of abilities and that FAITH looks to the FUTURE.  Maynes' that we are to become the Rock that never washes away.

 But I truly loved Adrian Ochoa's comment and it is so true today.  His words about the internet and blogs where people determine their wealth by the number of their followers and the bloggers by their readers.  This impresses so many people that I know.  And I just shake my head in wonder at that.  Who cares who reads/friends you?  Who needs a graph to keep track of this? That is pride!  Aren't you who you are supposed to be?  It matters not what callings you get or do not get.  Terence Vinson instructed us that the Lord allows the buffeting so the answers can be found.  The Lord will not solve our problems but expects us to look to Him, to believe HIm, trust Him and THEN we will be given the answer.  This popped up Monday morning and it caused me to stop in my tracks and saw that my big problem has been taken to the Lord this way but herein is the better way:

These things we need to study out and not just be handed on a 10-hour platter, twice a year. What we hear is not a buffet where we pick and choose what we want.  We should want it all. And running through much of these talks I felt the overwhelming peace on the topic of PATIENCE. Do we falter or do we finish?  (thank you Pres. Monson) Particularly patience with these women and their supporters. Truthfully I was all in a jangled mess when the first hour began but when Elder Hales started his talk, peace descended as a gentle wave, but a strong one that cast aside all confusion and impatience. For that I am grateful.

I have thought about this Kate, especially when I saw her on the KSL bit.  She and her women look exactly as I thought they would look...and yes, I know that's not being kind..but it isn't mean, it's a statement.  I'm just saying, they looked as I thought they would.  Too intelligent, too full of guile but at least they are open about it, too desperate for attention by the media.  The skanky pinky purple streaked hair didn't go well with me (even tho I have always colored my own hair) altho I had to laugh because it fit well with the purply flower they all wore.  Royalty is what they wanted to express (that's a good HA!)  They already are royalty but obvious have lost track of that fact.  To wear that flower reminded me of Joyce Meyers' commenting on the folks who must wear the WWJD or fish pins when their lives are NOT living by those words.  I wonder what these people's callings are and if in my ward, altho I may raise my hand in sustaining them because that's what we are instructed to do, I would be ever so worried about what personal beliefs they will slip in to their teachings.  That is a problem that we all must guard against, to correct what is taught that is wrong.

And after this conference, I will be even more cautious, listening more carefully.  No, I will not be a self-proclaimed vigilante but I will be most careful, especially when my grandkids come to town.

There is much to think about and to change within myself in the next 6 months til this banquet  is served again.

OK  now for one last totally silly comment.  I have a dear friend, Debbie, who refers to the Conf Ctr as the Mother Ship, with all due respect. She returns 'there' for strength and encouragement.  I always laugh because of the size it reminds me of the Great and Spacious, especially with the gardens on top. But I was trying to find a pix for this entry (as I did above) and was startled at the resemblance of that one to the one Rex Humbard had in Akron.
For years, my grandmother and I would attend his church by way of TV.  When her brother and wife came to visit from S. Africa the one place they really wanted to visit was the Cathedral of Tomorrow so we actually  went to a service there.  While trolling for a picture (there aren't many good ones) I realized how similar these 2 are...minus the huge cross that changed colors and designs frequently. For those of us who weren't members of a church, Rex provided some wonderful lessons, offered wonderful, nearly free, items that you could request.  My grandmother often requested things and shared with me.  These were wonderful moments. But an imitation is only good until you get the real thing. But the memory of having been drawn to the Lord back then, helps me to appreciate all good religions who bring their people to Christ.  But perhaps this is the reason I call it the Great and Spacious.  I've been to that one.  By the way, years later it became a buffet restaurant, might still be for all I know...and boy did they offer great food.  Robert and I went there once when we first moved to Ohio, driving my mom's car when she was out of town because we didn't have a car that was good enough to go that far.  Robert either got a ticket or we got a flat tire...but that taught me not to use my mom's car when she was out of town.  teeheehee.  But again I state...that was a buffet...pick and choose.  What I have now offers up a filling and totally satisfying banquet of truths.

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Lin Floyd said...

You missed a treat with the priesthood session. I watched it on my computer at's still there. Just to bask in the goodness, sincerity of those men was amazing as they talked with such sensitivity about men feeling overwhelmed, etc. It was testimony was all of conference. I find watching it on my computer rather than in my recliner keeps me awake...

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