Sunday, September 08, 2013

Kipp's baptismal day has finally arrived!

 This was a special day...after Kipp waited his whole life (8 years plus 3 weeks) he finally had his baptism.  We had sort of honored this day when we were all in MI for Dawn's 40th birthday just in case we weren't able to be we weren't. And we were sad.  There's so many things to schedule when the family is large, the dad has lots of studying for boards and shifts at the ER and activities that involve friends. Cara called yesterday late afternoon to tell me for sure Kipp would be baptized by Cody today but we couldn't drive 8 hours there and back and have Robert at work Monday morning.  But luckily for us, the bishop said we could FaceTime.  So I put us on mute and snapped some picture.  Altho the one above is blurry it is Kipp going into the font followed by Cody.  We cannot or should not take pictures of the ordinance itself and they hurried down, and I didn't have the setting exactly right...but there you have it...the oldest and the youngest.  It was quite the moment!

Cute Peter playing FaceTime of MugTime with us.
 Jacob conducted, their bishop presided.

 And naturally....Sam!

the other 4 siblings sang a song afterward.  But the best part, which somehow I missed altho I don't know how, but Kipp decided he wanted to talk at his own baptism.  I chuckled when I first heard he was going to do this but oh my was absolutely perfect for an  8 year old. And had all the necessary points he wanted to make.  Excellent timing...short but not too, as well as very sweet.  Robert and I were both very impressed.
 Time for confirmation.

Jacob had some fine words for his son.

Kipp and Cody listening.

 Welcome by the primary President


Cara lead the music.
Kipp's teacher for 5 years!

And here's Kipp...and fresh and clean and baptized.  We are so grateful you had this very special day.  Love you lots, Kipp!

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Dawn Barrett said...

Choose the Right, Kippy! Four more years and you can receive the PRIESTHOOD!!

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