Saturday, September 21, 2013

To Sir, With Love

"How do you thank someone who has taken you from crayons to perfume?  It isn't easy, but I'll try.   A Friend who taught me right from wrong, and weak from strong That's a lot to learn."  

The words to that song just came to mind, as well as LuLu singing it of course.  And I connected with 2 such friends.

Yesterday I received an amazing article on leadership from Rebecca.  She's at a distance, a great distance from me now.  A few weeks back I wrote her because she was far away and I just needed to spout off.  She never did respond directly about that but when I received this article I felt she had and thanked her.  As I was thanking her by email I literally heard my mom say "Thank her for me, too".  And I did...It was a gentle prompting that told me she's still here, that she still hears, that she and probably a host of my other now-gone relatives are intimately involved in my doings.  I smiled to myself. This morning when I awoke to take Robert to work (yay...last day of work for him this week and yes it's Saturday but  Sunday starts a week vacation for him).  As I waited for him to come to breakfast, I checked my email, as always, and found a reply from Rebecca.  A sweet note telling me something I had not known...about an answer to her prayers years and years ago, prayers and prayers ago.  I cried, read it to Robert, and he cried.

I am touched that my mom's life always seemed to have touched someone in usually unknown ways.  Just last Tuesday 2 people mentioned the huge resource book my mom made for preparedness.  And add  Roger to that type of personality.  Last Sunday when we sustained a new bishop, Bishop Rob Falke, in introducing himself, talked about the first time he came to Lorain Ward.  He was serving on the Stake High Council and Roger met him and hauled him off to Quorum meeting.  And in that meeting Roger gave a history of the Ohio Cleveland Stake and it's what got Rob started on history/genealogy/whatever you want to call it.  And I was glad to hear Roger's name mentioned.

Rebecca is the same.  She and Randy were always serving others, helping others to grow and I doubt they know just how much they are remembered. Today they are serving a Humanitarian Mission in Europe, what I would have called the Eastern Bloc, correct or incorrectly.  And yet they still take the time to give us all uplifting things to read and think about.

Today I am grateful that the Lord put me in the family He did, gave me the husband and family He did and allowed me to experience all the people I have, for good and ill..because oh, yes there have been both. Again I am reminded that in every circumstance, in every situation, I need not ask why but just realize that one day I will know and understand that reasoning and I doubt it will be the answer I wanted at the time but will be so much the bigger, better answer.

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Lin Floyd said...

good thoughts-there is a gift in every challenge!

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