Monday, September 02, 2013


Last night Niko was aggitated about something.  Robert let him out and then there was a lot of racket.  Robert had me  come outside quickly to  see what Niko had tree'd.  Yes,  a possum...or is it opossum?  Whichever..there it was.  I raced back inside for the camera in order to get a picture.
That stupid juvenile possum just sat there staring at Niko the whole time (with those shiny eyes) and Nix was barking like a mad dog as well as racing back and forth.  Robert finally got a rake and pushed it over into the neighbor's yard.  I have heard how mean they are, how fast they multiply and the best advice came from Peggy Morse...Shoot it!

I'm all for that except we don't have guns and there's some stupid law about not killing these pests.

1 comment:

Lin Floyd said...

your poor neighbors with a barking dog and now a possum in their back!

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