Sunday, September 08, 2013

Henry's 3rd birthday

Not only was it Kipp's special Baptism day but today Henry Scott Trefethen V turned 3 today.  And that demanded a party....with Mac 'n' Cheese pizza among other pizza types.
 Even the trees were decorated in Henry's favorite colors

 Oskar was in the tree swing but he seems to get to swing by himself a bit too often...he's quiet and often just 'forgotten'.  Not quite but almost.
 Here's the famous Mac 'n' Cheese pizza with some chicken thrown in for good measure.
 Henry's favorite drink is Apple Spider..and he can down a lot of it.  He is just so much fun.
 Time for hats....
 And a hat for Granny.
 And of course, Bubba got a hat!
 Here are the happy Trefethen Troop.
 Oskar doesn't know he has a hat on but he sure was interested in Henry's hat!
 Some pizza men wear chef hats...Hank, however, wears his son's birthday one.
 A really great sausage pizza...I liked this one, carnivore that I am!
 Will you look at this ice cream cake that Marissa made?  A candle cake....the melted candles on the sides are not wax...but icing. The cake had crushed up oreos mixed with fudge as well as the brownie ice cream and vanilla...excellent!
 Nothing like being sung to and having fire in front of a 3 year old!
 Unless it's sucking off the frosting from the candle tips.
 oh wow!  a mini more jumping on the beds, little monkey!
 A laptop?  with a mouse?  and in Henry's fav color.
 Presents?  who needs presents, Oskar says.  I got the wrappings!
 Jumping time!

 Not bad..this could be fun for me too!
 Work that mouse!
And here both boys are figuring out how to jump on this things. This is going to help the long, cold winters
seem a bit more fun.

Happy birthday sweet Henry!


Jocelyn Christensen said...

Happy Bday Henry!

Lin Floyd said...

how fun, never heard of mac and cheese pizza but why not?

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