Monday, September 09, 2013

Grandparents Sunday 2013

Yesterday was also Grandparents Day, on top of everything I blogged about. Today
 we received this in the mail:
Princess Lily sure loves to hug her brother, Robert...I wondered if the boy can breathe?!  Two lovely letters came with this picture.  I was told that Lily loves our house and she wants to come and play in it.  She is thankful for skyping with us.  Her favorite memory is eating cookies and milk and she loves me.  For her Papa she wrote that she loves his house and playing with him.  She is thankful for reading books with him.  Her favorite memory is the little frog and the light eggs (gifts from Pam).  Adorable pictures.  Adorable letters.  More pictures on the back, too


Jocelyn Christensen said...

Cute! Autumn made something for you that hasn't quite made it in the mail yet!

Lin Floyd said...

grandkids make growing older worthwhile...

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