Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Are these women (and some men) totally stupid?

Or What?  http://www.deseretnews.com/article/865586996/LDS-Church-responds-to-priesthood-meeting-request-by-activists.html?pg=3

There's a link that may or may not be forever available.  I don't really care but for now I post it.  I am one of those women who are disgusted and furious with the other women who are demanding something that is not to be theirs in the same way as it is for the men (funnier still are the Jews, Muslims and Catholics who have closed ranks with these upstarts..even going so far as to pray and fast for our LDS women when they themselves do not hold their own 'priesthood'). If we have made the covenants we have, then we have it....the same but administered differently.  I do not understand the men who would give up their tickets to such women (altho men who would do this are about the same as these women and they probably are emasculated).  To me, men who would do this are no different that Esau.  The birth-right was his by birth but he was desperately willing to trade it for a bowl of pottage. He despised what he had, coveted something to gratify the simplest of appetite. Perhaps he really had no desire to serve and protect those who fall under the care of the birth-right. Perhaps it was his way to get out from under this responsibility.  It's obvious that these men today feel much the same way. Or is it just a novel thing to do, a 'today' things.

I enjoyed a couple comments in this article. Most of us are at peace with how the Lord has chosen to direct His kingdom on the earth.  But these men and women are truly out to destroy that peace and we know who loves contention. We are not The Church of Your Particular Issue...really loved that one.  I certainly do not have to know why things are the way they.  I'm fine with it, I accept it but further, I believe in the way it is.

To think there would be leaders out there who would venture so far astray from aligning themselves with the Brethren causes me great concern and I hope one day to feel great sorrow for them. But right now, I just think they are stupid and basically wicked.

Elder Ballard said this in August:   "Most everyone has family or friends who have been caught up in various, troubling contemporary social issues.  Arguing about the issues generally does not bring any resolution and in fact, can create contention.  There are some questions about the church's position on sensitive issues that are hard to answer to anyone's satisfaction.  However, when we seek the Lord in prayer about how to feel and what to do in these situations, the impression comes: do you believe in Jesus  Christ and do you follow Him and Heavenly Father?"


Lin Floyd said...

I'll have to read the article, although I heard about some of it on tv news last night. Reminds me of the ERA times-dissent continues and those who believe are strengthened...

LeAnn said...

This issue really is sad. I agree with your thoughts. I feel sad for the woman who are caught up in this. Satan driven and soon they will be in apostasy.

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