Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The weekend after the funeral

Funerals are hard but sometimes it's harder in the days that follow.  Carol was staying at Richard and Megan's for the weekend but I think she'll be heading to her own home this week and I know that will be difficult.

Jocelyn stayed around for a few days.  So Hank treated us to an amazing pizza party with his wonderful new pizza oven.  Jocelyn took this picture of Hank..it doesn't show a good picture of the oven but it's a celestial image of Hank.  Hank has some more insulating to do and perhaps finishing but it's a wonder!  At 1500 degrees it bakes a pizza in about 90 seconds.

 Here he is teaching us how to dimple the dough around the edge so that the crust is thicker than the base and holds the toppings.  We had so many different types.  The first 2 were cheese ones.  But after that it was anyone's guess what came out of Hank and/or Marissa's brain.  She made a great cornbelt one...I think I loved that the best.
Here's Pizza Man Hank tossing the pizza in the air.  I managed to do this tiny little toss without making any holes...maybe I could learn how to toss a bit farther.  Probably not.
It was a great night.  And allowed me some time with family, without tears.

Jocelyn stayed until Saturday.  In the morning, Autumn went out to the island and built me a fairy house and wouldn't you just know it, before she left, she had caught me a fairy.  I love fairies.  I love how they bless our homes and bring smiles to our faces.  Autumn was concerned that the fairy didn't move but we told her that fairies do not like to be seen and often get really still and act like they are stone.

What a sweetheart.

So my life goes one.  Dawn is coming down this week to stay for a few days and to take Niko back home with them.  We will be off to Disney with the Kennedys.  Life is good...particularly if you are still alive.  "I'm not dead yet", thank you Spamalot


Jocelyn Christensen said...

We had a great time with you guys all!

Lin Floyd said...

looks like a fun time with family!

Robin said...

Needed to catch up with a good person and friend ... so read some of your blog posts. I LOVE how you write! Sorry for your loss and thankful for your example and you have such a wonderful family!
Miss you

Robin said...

.. Been missing my friend and need some "Susan time". So, turned to your blog. Have not read it for a while and still LOVE your writing!
Such a wonder family you have! Pretty sure Rob would love to hang out with Hank sometime and check out that oven!!!

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