Friday, July 05, 2013


Patriotism has always been a part, a big part of my life.  Perhaps it's because all my fathers and father-figures have served in the military.  Perhaps it's because my folks always took us to historic places for our vacations.  We were taught to stand EVERY time the US flag passed us by.  The flags were always displayed on our home.  I have a degree in history and I love history.
When we moved to Sheffield Lake there was no parades on the 4th of July and so in 1977 we held our own, down Warwick Drive, singing to the old people on our streets...the songs of WWI and WWII...the moment always ended with a flag ceremony, a short speech by Robert on America and what she stands for and then, of course, popsicles.  

Independence Day was my mom's birthday and she loved it.  She loved the parades and flags and when she moved to Sheffield Lake, we usually viewed the fireworks from 'our' lake.  The kids went down in the afternoons and would clean up the beach and set the bonfire wood for our own festivities.  She loved them for doing this, and so did I.

For some time, all of my grown children continued the tradition and/or sat along parade routes and enjoyed the day.  Jocelyn's parade each year rivals most small towns...this year it was followed by a BBQ.

I received the following from Cara this year:

Happy Independence Day!!!!!!  Thank you for creating such great memories for us on this day.  I appreciate all your efforts to make delicious food and decorating our bikes, batons, roller skates etc,   watching 1776 and Yankee Doodle Dandy...I don't know if that's the right name but all the good movies like Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. I enjoy the memories of driving back late from the Lake after the fireworks and saying a prayer with everyone that Dad will be able to get out safely without getting into an accident.  I am proud to be an American and have developed that thought because of yours and Gunner and Bon Papa's passion for our great country.   I have the best parents in the world!  Dad -thank you for all the wonderful patriotic messages.  I enjoyed everyone.
Love you lots!  CARA

Very sweet messages, and yes, she did get all the movie titles correct.  I still watch and love those movies.

 No better music anywhere than this one:
 And here's what it means to be patriotic and innocent and full of hope, willing to serve:
And oh!  the strength of our founding be considered traitors, willing to die for their cause and the righteous zeal of people who know this land needed to be free:

I am sad when I think of the youngsters today, the wee ones, who don't get to know America as I did.  But we enjoyed another 4th of July.  Robert only had one day off so we went up to Dawn and Ken/kids and then right home again.  But something was missing...not sure what.  Perhaps it's my age...or the heat of the day...or the lack of my own parade down Warwick....Or lack of my parents being around and having a discussion with Jordan about what it will be like for him when Robert and I are dead....or maybe it's time to watch those 3 movies again, this weekend...and just move on.  Yes, that's about's movie time.


Unknown said...

I think I'll have to incorporate some of these ideas into our 4th of July family tradition. Glad it was a happy (and safe) 4th of July for you and Robert.

Lin Floyd said...

celebrate all the wonderful posterity you have influenced with your love of country!

Dawn Barrett said...

Well, there was a pix of our first parade on the probably missed it b/c you were looking at the light boy!

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