Friday, July 19, 2013

Last morning as Buckeyes...hello Gator land

Jordan texted me this picture from the plane as he and his family leave Ohio for good...heading to the land of Gators, and Snakes, and Rats...and sun, sun, sun.    And then this one came:
They've landed in Atlanta and will soon be on the last leg of their trip.  Sigh.

I ran over to Blazina's to check on them since Jan and Larry are enjoying 2 lovely weeks in Ireland with 2 concerts of Bruce included.  We talked about Jordan's move, and how she misses my mom.  I was getting a bit teary eyed so I took my leave and in tears started my conversation with Heavenly Father.  He's really a good listener.  I was asking WHY did they have to move away from me and suddenly, out of my mouth came these words:  "as long as he doesn't leave You, all will be fine."  And I knew that for a truth so I headed meet up with Henry and Oskar who are coming to spend a couple hours withe me so Marissa can see The Lone Ranger alone (I like going to the movies's a quietude I appreciate).

The doorbell rang a bit ago.  I walked toward the door and saw Nikki Kitchen through the window.  Wouldn't you just know that someone as sweet as Nikki would come to my door with this.
She's knows my weakness and she's correct...chocolate, particularly Hersheys, always makes things better.  What a sweetheart. Thank you, Nikki!  Cannot spend too much time away from Henry and Oskar so I'm finishing this entry.  Glad for so many things, grateful for more.

I've got wonderful kids who KNOW...and that's all that counts, not where they are...but that they KNOW!  And for the record, I got this way each time my kids moved somewhere.  But because my mom was such a cry-er when I left home for each year at school, I promised I would NOT cry in front of mine. So far so least not in front of, but always on my own.


Lin Floyd said...

now you have an excuse to make trips to Florida!

Kate H said...

So sorry for you that they moved so very far away! Great excuse to travel to Florida! Those Kitchens are good people. :)

Dawn Barrett said...

i NEVER did cry in front of us!

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