Tuesday, July 16, 2013

2013 Community Days, Sheffield Lake

We've just completed our annual Community Days.  This is a 5 day event every July in Sheffield Lake, OH. There's a parade on Thursday, Fireworks on Friday.  Rides. 
 Carny food. 

Seeing old friends.  Wondering where all these people came from who are NOT SLers.  It's traditional but so much more fun when we had young kids.  When we first moved here and I was a member of Friends and Neighbors Women's Club we had a hot dog booth, with homemade saurkraut and chili for toppings.  We always had a decorated car in the parade and the year I was president our car won a trophy.  Times changed and we could no longer serve the home made food (probably for health concerns altho we were very careful to comply with all requirements....all the local food booths disappeared).  We sponsored a game booth and received $$ for our coffers which was always donated to local needs yearly.

I watched as the various rides arrived in pieces, on trucks and trailers.  It's one of the reasons I never liked my kids to ride much because the danger of these portable rides increases as often as they are taken down and put up again in another city.  But it was fun to think about it.  Nope, we did not watch the parade.  Robert and I ate our 'dinner' there Friday night and ran into friends.  As soon as we walked on to the'fairgrounds', we ran into this former mill worker Robert had been talking about to me, Steve Nemeth.  Steve was the one who cold packed peppers and often brought them to work to share.  He still takes some to the union hall.  We attempted to can our banana and semisweets a few years ago but they turned very soft and mushy.  So Steve generously explained how he cans his peppers.  Later we ran into the Flowers family.  Sunshine is having her first baby in October after years of being told she would never have children and she and her nice husband are so happy.  Crystal has 2 kids and she was there.  As was Marine-still Charlie and his one child.  Mom Vicki was there and it was great. That's what Community Days is all about!

Friday night we heard the first preparatory boom of the pending fireworks.  I started to walk down Lake Road with Niko, really not intending to walk all the way to the crowd with the dog but walked pretty far, Ended up, by invitation, sitting on a bench in front of a house very close, in full view of the fireworks. Naturally, Niko sat on my lap the whole time.  As Daphne said, these are the best 20-25 minutes of fireworks ANYWHERE!  Afterwards, I stood talking to the neighbor who allowed me to sit on his bench when suddenly, 20 geese walked right in front of us, on their way to the lake and away from the noise and the people and probably the smell.  I could have reached out and touched them.  Niko just stood there and watched them pass by.  When they wanted to cross Lake Road, a SLer held up traffic in both directions so that the geese could get safely across to Lake Erie...it's what we do in SL...help one another.  It's great to live in a small bedroom community.

We had some disturbing news on  Saturday which will NOT be blogged about, not ever, (sjh...well, not publicly here but after this year's blog gets printed and bound I will insert the events of this day and the days the followed but it is now 9/21/2013 and I am going to add something at the bottom of this date so read on down and know that it's been inserted) and it was NOT about anyone in my family...but I was so grateful that Marissa and Hank decided to bring the boys to enjoy Community Days.  It gave me little children's eyes to see Community Days anew again.  We ate dinner again, ate treats.  Henry was starving apparently.  OR he just loved good carny food...corn dogs, fries, Italian Sausage sandwich.  Turns out Oskar likes Cotton Candy, peanut butter milk shakes, greezy fries, and funnel cake (just little bits of it).

Hank loved taking Henry on rides or had him ride alone but my friends, the Ware, handed me a couple tickets and told me to take Henry on the Carousel.  As you can see, I did...and it was perfect!

 So it was a fun night.  The kids came back to my house and the boys bathed the grime and sticky food, not to mention sweat, off their wee bodies so they'd be ready for church.  And again, before they left Henry announced that he was VERY hungry. What cuties these 2 are!  And after the Saturday I had, I needed to be reminded of innocence and goodness and truth and righteousness.

So thank you Sheffield Lake...for a tradition well kept.

Sept 21, 2013...time has passed.  A whole lot of angst has occurred and as Robert says, it's another one of the Abrahamic moments for us.  For me it was another defining moment.  I am guess we just use different terms to mean the same.  Last Sunday we sustained a new bishop.  Yesterday I received an attachment from Rebecca Stay who with Randy is serving a Humanitarian mission in Eastern Europe.  The article was on leadership and how true LDS leaders are to lead.  I wrote this reply:

Very interesting and something I can see i'll be reading several more times.

Initially I wondered if you sent this specifically to me under the guise of sending it to all the rest...because of my despair and upset of that matter that I wrote to you about.  and maybe you did.  I also know you had no answer for me, at least no answer that I didn't already have.  At the time I wrote, I just needed a friend, someone at a distance.

I just know that the truth within this long article still bounced out at me, confirming what I know and what answers I've received since July 13.

I will share this with you...as distraught and as upset as I was.  In such disbelief as I was.  As the adversary kept battling my head....we went to the temple.  Not any different than all the other many times I've gone EXCEPT I went in this state, having prayed and read and listened.  Have fought with myself on all points.  but I went with two questions...am I nuts or am I on the right track.  And I prayed a lot before leaving and then all the way down.

And as I sat in that endowment room, every time I heard the word PRIESTHOOD, it was like the phantasmagoric display of colors only they were in words, changing or shifting..as each scene became a combination of so many elements, and this connected to all else given received, put on.  And coming directly at me!  Loud and clear.  and peace descended. 

And then Robert took me up to the prayer circle and I expected to hear and did hear, all the usual elements.  But then, almost at the end the brother said these words:  "and Dear Father, if thou wilt, please answer the question that one of our patrons came here today to have answered, if thou wilt."  Twice...If thou wilt.  Now, I'm not so conceited to think that I was the only person who came with a question but I have to say it was probably the only time I did come with such a burning need for an answer.  And I received it.  and then some.  And IF THOU WILT became a mission for me.  And I am conceited or selfish enough to claim that prayer for myself that day.

So as I sat reading this article that you sent, I had that same sense.  We do only get revelation when we are on the move, when we've done all we can do ourselves to reason and understand.  But then only when we get a move on and get out.  it did me no good to sit and fuss at home. 

so for whatever that's worth...thanx for this article.  And for always listening and sharing all you have and all you know with me....and my mom!  (she just told me to write that...funny how that works.  I heard her in my head.  I really am crazed, aren't I?)

BUT THE REPLY I JUST READ THIS MORNING IS HER RESPONSE TO MY LAST COMMENT ABOUT MY MOM...and I want to hereby state that I actually heard my mom tell me to add her name to this thanks for always listening and sharing:

Tell your mom hello for me next time she is around.Did I already tell you that when I was praying to know WHY on earth we had been sent to Lorain (I asked more than once :) ) that the answer was, "To teach Gladys."  Apparently, the LORD had seen her sacrifices and heard her prayers and sent me to answer them.  And mine were answered as well.  Everyone else I taught or helped were essentially extras.  Rebecca Stay


Lin Floyd said...

family visits put it all in prospective!

Cara said...

I remember when watching the parade I saw Jocelyn walking IN it! What a fun surprise!

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