Monday, June 17, 2013

Mother's Day part 2

Cara told me last month that she was working on my Mother's Day gift and that it would be today, it has arrived.  And yesirree bob, she did work on something. Something pretty sweet.
And framed, as well.  I don't actually recall Cara being an embroider-er...but obviously she can do it and is one.  What a nice gift!  Love it!  Love her!  It's always fun to see your adult child do something new that I haven't seen her do before.  PLUS  I think this will go perfectly in our bedroom.

We are working on our bedroom...which had been a soft, restful, cool blue.  Time for a change and I'm loving it.  It's not done yet so I can't show the whole thing but here's a sneak peak.  It's a more vivid green than the cucumber I thought it was but I'm so much happier.  Nice quilt and shams.  We have new window blinds/shade but they aren't hung yet.  I just bought them today.  But I'm excited.  We removed the entertainment center which we had been keeping for Marissa/Hank but they truly didn't want/need it so it's gone.
We turned the bed to the angle that Millie had put the bed for my folks back when she was helping them with their home.  Poor Niko...he was used to sitting on the bed, staring at the entertainment center which held the jar of his treats.  With the center removed, the first night Niko was a bit confused. I had to drag him upstairs and then he sat on the bed and stared at the wall...where his treats used to be.  It was the funniest thing.  Could he really not see that the big center was gone?  Too funny...way too funny.  But it is a delight to see the trees out the south windows.  Now I can say as Jocelyn does that we sleep in the trees.  It is fun.  When we do this, I wonder why we didn't do this earlier and then realize that Robert is the big worker, not me.  But for now...YAY!


Cara said...

Oh! Your room is very pretty! I agree the colors in the tread and your bedroom is a perfect match! I didn't think you would put it in your room but now you can remember how much we all love you everyday.
You are the best...better than all the rest!

Lin Floyd said...

change and redecorating is always fun!

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