Friday, June 28, 2013

Letting Go of THINGS

Never easy but today I feel slightly successful.  It's Vietnam Veterans' pick up day.  Robert and I went down  and cleared out 3 bags filled with coats that we finally agreed to donate.  It's not like we don't have any coats...we have too many. I also put out 2 boxes of things.  BUT it took talking to Pam to actually put out the 2nd box.  It was out first..then brought back in and mourned over...talked with Pam and she said I didn't have to give away my memory and the attached things...but as we spoke I actually went down and replaced it on the driveway.  THEN I went back out and took these pictures.

I didn't dare bring the box inside since I knew if I did, even to take the pictures, these things would be back IN.  These belonged to my mom. And there are LOTS of them.  I have repeatedly offered these to the girls but there are no takers. (update...they are gone.  Done.  Success.  and I'm still breathing.)

My memory of them are really just connected to her.  These have been in my life for as long as I have memory.  My mom was the perfect homemaker, housekeeper, and dinner preparer.

So many times we had layered puddings or jello in the tall ones and not for special occasions only.  She just always used them.  She loved nice things. She loved having the dinner table look as elegant and as inviting for us as well as for company. We always were made to feel special.  And we were special in her eyes.

Many times they looked like these...OHOH...I actually just leaped out of my chair and started to run to the front door to see if the Vets had arrived yet, the glasses almost came back in.  Truly...what is wrong with me? I'm insane today.  But back to my story.  Don't these look appetizing?  I got the picture off the internet (where else) but it's what my mom did.  And she did these things nearly up til she died, til she was too ill to cook or to eat.  Sadly, I am not the homemaker she was; hence the need to hang on to these things.

And besides that, I still have stemware...and I actually have very fine and delicate crystal stemware.  The kind that when you ping it with your finger, ever so gently, it rings!  And it's etched too...amazing things!  I can still figure out how to be like my mom.  Nothing plastic.  Nothing throw-away.  My sister and I learned as children how to eat, how to eat at a table/restaurant/as guests.  We knew what fork did what.  I think I need to rethink my food menu for the month of July and onward, ever onward. There's still time.

I'm not dead yet.


Dawn Barrett said... did or did not keep the glasses? I'm confused..

Lin Floyd said...

I'd been amazed to meet your mom cause I think you are an excellent cook and hostess...

Anonymous said...

"I aint' down yet!" or dead. I like what Pam said about not losing the memory. That's very true especially since you write about them and share with us. Just think if you write down all your memories (mmmHarry Potter scene...who am I? for thinking about Harry Potter?....and collect them but throw away the object your home could be very fung chi ...but maybe not so homey.......mmm still thinking about that one.

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