Saturday, June 15, 2013

June 15

Sat with Barlows for their garage sale yesterday.  
Sadly their pooch Mo wasn't allowed to help.  She did really well until a firecracker was set off somewhere in the neighborhood and she freaks with such noise.  Pam ran like blue lightning to get her safe into the house and then she darted and hid under the bed.   I had one thing to sell and then tried to give it away.  Guess it'll go to the garbage truck on Monday.  I would go back today but I think I kept Pam from doing her housecleaning yesterday...but it's a fact that my house needs to be cleaned today...not to mention I have breads to bake.

As I walked up their driveway yesterday morning about 7:45, Ken was just bringing out this 2 piece cast iron skillet, lid set (Cabelos), used one time.  I grabbed it from him before he even set it down.  Hank and Marissa gifted me with one very similiar early this year (Lodge) and I love to use it.  However, Robert thought he could take it to the Father/Son camp out.  Not happening with my kitchen cast irons.  So this one, tho slightly larger, could work out well for him OR it could still work out well for me.  Nah...not much of a camper so I could use it til the next Father/Son campout next spring.

It's amazing how well Pam cleaned out her house.  You should see the incredible holiday decorations!  And not a nibble.  I was sad for these things because when the sale ends today, she's throwing them into the garbage cans.  But as we sat I thumbed through this book:
But just for something to entertain my mind.  I think I have every BakeOff cookbook from Pillsbury since at least the early 60s...I need to look.  My mom got me started and naturally when she died, I have all hers...that's why they go back so far.  It's been a long time since I've look at them but that's going to change. Naturally, as we perused this book, Pam insisted I take it home so she can borrow it back some time. That's how I came to possess her electric roaster. She didn't want to store it anymore and gave it to me.  Every time she borrows MY roaster I need to remind her that it's not's HERS.  I'm only storing it for her.  And we argue the difference.

These pictures are from this morning.  Pam and Ken decided to have a free garage sale...everything left went for free except for a couple items Pam felt my grand kids needed.
 We were discussing how kitchen utensils were created by conspiring men/companies who know women need the ordinary turned into cutsey and they sell. Here he's holding a pancake flipper that has a snowflake cut out.  Ken decided if you held it over a griddle and poured in the batter, you could make snowflake shaped pancakes.  Pam said he could try as long as it was his day to clean up the mess.
 This is what Miss Lily is going to get.  It's totally adorable...Fiber Optic all around.

Robert stopped by after work this morning to haul away the entertainment center.  It's now on our driveway with a free sign...if no one grabs it, it goes with the garbage men on Monday...along with a perfectly functioning  (tho huge) TV which used to sit in the center. (UPDATE:  Robert watched from the bedroom window as he was painting and saw a young excited couple, well kempt {yes, that's redundant but just go there anyway}, pull up in a nice Dodge truck, investigate the center and loaded it up into their truck.  He said they were so cute.  He hadn't got the TV out yet but did a few hours later and it was gone within the half hour.  YAY).

We ended yesterday's garage sale early, and then went to Hooligan's to treat our men to a Father's Day (early) dinner.  Usually we go to Olive Garden because Ken loves it.  But IT doesn't love Pam nor me.  Personally I've decided it's the stuff they toss their salads in to make them keep their green.  I'm going to test out my theory next time we go by NOT eating the salad.  We stopped at Pettiti's on the way back because the wrascly wrabbit has eaten by green/red/yellow peppers. But I picked up a couple Living Stones and one wonderful Money Plant....with the base twisted already.  It's a bonsai type tree.

Jocelyn and Steve had sent me 3 Lithops for my birthday and they were living just fine until I forgot the season and the instructions.  Where does my brain go at times?  Even had one reproduce.  Drats...So I will try again.  I really like these things. and I had seen two money plants at the dry cleaners...and they were lovely.  Caught my attention right off but the owners weren't interested in selling. They didn't seem interested in owning them and just dumped them at the store.  Perhaps because I awoke the woman who placed them there (at 11:30am...really?), perhaps she didn't realize I would have bought one. Anyway I looked online but they were like over $30 to order and that's without shipping.  The plant popped in my head as we were walking out, asked a worker and sure enough. They have HUGE ones as ones like this.  Naturally Robert agreed I could buy one.  I think it's lovely.

The final stop for the night was DQ.  By that time we had our stomachs emptied out a bit and so we were able to have a small Sundae.  It's a best time to be able to play with my best friends for a day/evening.

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Lin Floyd said...

don't you have any thrift stores to donate your leftover garage sales to?

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