Sunday, June 02, 2013

Hug a Covert Day

How very grateful I am for the missionaries who came by my grandparents home, who in turn sent them up the side street to our home.  How very grateful I am for a mom who was wise enough to let them in, listened to their message, and eventually joined the church with me the same night (my sister to follow when she turned 8). And mom chose to join the true church even tho dad did not (until just months before he died nearly 22 years later.

It was often an uphill battle for her because her husband was not a member.  Often we'd have to race home from church because he expected it. She served in the stake RS when our stake took in most of the northern part of Ohio, right down to and including Akron.  She'd have the meal all set to go, table set so she could spend the day traveling and visiting the RSs and still have a home that was acceptable to Daddy.  He softened as the years went on but it was difficult in some respects.

But for my mom, and my sister and me, the church is true.  And once you know this, there really is no going back.  People can change their minds and leave the church, which some of my friends have done...but it doesn't change what's true.  There are times, sure, when I wonder why can't everything be perfect NOW...I've never been a patient one but I am learning, slowly.  Only I can make something perfect within me, within the walls of my home.

So thanks to that website, I've printed off a slew of these 'buttons' and will Hug the Converts in my life today who are still with me, around me, supporting me, encouraging me.  Some came to the gospel late, some (such as Robert) were born into it. But all people at some point need to be converted.

So go Hug a Convert today.

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Lin Floyd said...

and some were born into and lost their faith-life is a struggle till the end to stay true to the faith!

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