Sunday, June 16, 2013

Amorphopallis Titanum...a sex lesson

I probably have posted this in past years but each year this amazing plant multiplies and gets larger.  My mom planted this over a decade ago.  It didn't flower immediately but the year it did she called and was so excited for us to run down and see what she had.  And she insisted we RUN.

I don't think it grew again for her.  And then she died.  Roger (bonpapa) was so busy tearing things out so Robert and I went up and dug it up and planted it at 809.  And it continued to grow.  Naturally when we moved to 3830, we brought the bulb with us,  planting it in the same spot my mom had planted it and each year it get bigger and taller and multiplies...and oh the stink, resembling the odor of a rotting mammal...and oh the flies.  But it's magnificient.

Yes it is!  And I usually call it a Georgia O'Keefe plant.  If you know what she painted then you understand. If not, then read the name and that ought to be able to explain it to you.

Here's one corpseflower online, that has finished blooming
The caption read: Plant finishing blooming, showing both male and female flowers at the base of the spadix.  Very cool flower...and once again, Heavenly Father shows us how we need both Males and Females to reproduce.  (even an earthworm which is a hermaphroditic, each having both male and female sex organs.  I remember learning about this when I took Biology in high school  When 2 earthworms mate they both give a packet of sperm to each other. Then each worm fertilizes its eggs with the other worm's sperm.  This is definitely sexual reproduction though it's not what we normally think of sex.  They definitely have sex organs that produce sperm and eggs. Each baby worm will have a unique genetic makeup that, while similar to both parents, is distinct from both parents as well as its siblings.

How cool is nature! (BTW the one in the middle in this pix is actually longer than the one I posted first)

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Lin Floyd said...

fun to learn something new at 4!

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