Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Trials and Victories

It often takes me by surprise, altho it shouldn't really, when I read a book or something that I normally wouldn't.  I find nuggets of shining truth.  Last month at our book club we talked about how Heavenly Father knows all, knows the end from the beginning and it lead to quite a discussion on our own agency.  Did He know that those 2 men would set that bomb at the Boston Marathon?  And then knew that the sweet young 8 year old boy would die?  And what could have made Him stop this, or put the boy out of harms way?  And that lead to how the Lord and His Father will not interfer with our agency but they nor their purposes will ever be thwarted.  Linda B asked if I thought God gave my mom cancer/herself MS.  I don't have a feeling that He did this, nor that she agreed to this anymore any of the rest of us agreed to our trials and challenges.  But like everyone else, that veil stops my mind from memory of the premortal life but that is a blessing as it allows me to work at communicating with the spirit to teach me things unlearned any other way.

This month's reading is Moloka'i by Alan Brennert, most definitely a book I would not have chosen on my own but am so glad I read this.  I had to record a quote from this book p. 307 and spoken by Sister Catherine who did not have leprosy but cared for these people:

I used to wonder, why did God give children leprosy?  Now I believe:  God doesn't give anyone leprosy.  He gives us, if we choose to use it, the spirit to live with leprosy, and with the imminence of death.  Because it is in our own mortality that we are most Divine.
There were also lovely lines spoken by and for the native Hawaiians at funerals and I hope that when I die, my family will remember to speak these words at my graveside at the green cemetery in Ohio:

The call to ancestors:  Parents' by names  here is your daughter/son, by name
                                   Deceased spouse, here's your wife,  her name.

O name, here you are departing
Boundless love, O name, between us, alas.

Here is food, clothing, and something you loved, Go: but if you have a mind to return, then come back.

That last line is what I love best...probably because I continue to look for the fleeting shadow that might pass my peripheral vision here at 3830 that would tell me that my mom or bonpapa or any of my other loved ones might be stopping by to check on me.

This has been a huge week in Cleveland, Ohio.  For a decade we have honored the kidnapping of 2 young women, in their teens.  Amanda Berry and Gina Dejesus (and another woman who was 20 and taken a year before Amanda and was just considered a runaway, Michelle Knight)
were names that were always brought up on the anniversary of their abductions, and by the media and police who never let us forget them, who continued to follow up leads.  The families never let us forget.  And Monday, when that horrible man left the house, somehow Amanda got loose and screamed for help and was rescued by an amazing neighbor.  It's all the news we hear on every channel, and it's gone international.  I sat with tears in my eyes, speechless, as I watched the news unfold on Monday.  I have cried through many of the newscasts til I could not stand to listen to one more item of information that was being given about what these 3 women had to endure.  My life has been so incredibly easy by all accounts.  I am grateful the Lord did not require this of me...probably because He knew I was not the fighter.  I am grateful that my children have not had to endure this altho each have had or are enduring trials of their own....and so far they are becoming victorious.

 (Having spent the evening at the Family History Center and talking with Dorothy Titera, I decided to come home and amend this.  Then I read Jocelyn's comment and knew I was going to do it for sure.  This afternoon i was talking with my godmother, Patsy.  She was fretting that Amanda Berry's mom died before knowing that her daughter was alive.  I assured her that her mom knew...and not just on Monday.  I think that the mom knew the moment she died.  Furthermore, I told Patsy, I think God allowed that mom to be a special sort of guardian for her daughter during the past 7 years.  How else could this young girl have gotten through what she did without some sort of extra 'help'.  And perhaps her young daughter AND her mom's promptings from beyond propelled Amanda to get to that door, to get through that door with her daughter and save not only themselves but the other 2 women as well.  And as I said it, again, I was given the feeling that this probably did happen this way....and if it didn't, I don't care.  They are free tonight and back in their homes.  But Jocelyn is correct...there's nothing a mom can't nor won't do for her child!)

Dawn posted this comment on Facebook this week:
And this is sure true altho it is difficult to get through to the polished stage.  I responded to Dawn that the sad part is that these sandpaper people are already used up inside.  In my most ungenerous moments, I recognize them for what they are and fight the urge to not have any use  for them, forgetting who they are.  I try to remember but am not always successful.  As is the case with the 3 brothers who had our Cleveland girls, I could take care of their punishment in a much better way that any court or prison could...PLUS I am married to a man who knows about medieval tortures....there are better ways for punishment than death in this case I tell you!

I went to the blogspot that was listed and found this gem, too:

This might be even a better message once we all get on even ground.....quote from ― Kurt Vonnegut

I guess this is the end of my reminders to myself.  Now it's time to go and rejoice in the life I've been given, the spouse and amazing children I given. The very creative and fun grands that brighten my days just be stopping by the skype camera to show me their new haircut, or a twirl, or a kiss on the screen.  Life is good and my world is a beautiful place.


Jocelyn Christensen said...

It's so amazing!

Jocelyn Christensen said...

I also think that it proves what mother will do for her child...she will do anything. She will break free...she will do it for her child. I think that is why Amanda finally got out.

Lin Floyd said...

interesting topic. I believe God knows the possibilities of our lives and our personalities and where that could lead us. But I do not believe He controls everything that happens or doesn't. There was an excellent talk on that by Pres. Kimball years ago-can't remember the title but it addressed this issue very well. There is chance and agency that is part of life. Those who say they were guided not to be near the bomb vs. those who were injured and killed. There are other forces at work-evil to name one.

Dawn Barrett said...

Be sure to check on me!!

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