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Stake Conference May 5, 2013

This time stake conference was a broadcast conference.  To be honest, I generally do not relish these conferences.  There's something stilted about the delivery...different even than the General Conferences we view by broadcast.  At least there, they speakers have this huge audience to bounce things back.  But I would never skip a conference because of this opinion...and I know from experience that the attitude I take with me in is usually the same attitude I take out.  So I went ready to learn...

AND THEN WHAT HAPPENED?!  It was so amazing from the first talk that I never put pen to paper.  Just absorbed it.  Naturally midway through I realized how dumb that was.  So after it had ended I asked a couple people for their notes.  Thanks to Dawn, and Jocelyn, and Susan Hansen I got the majority of the comments.  I added the remembrances I had.  I am including this in my blog  because as I mentioned before this blog as become my journal.  These are not exact quotes so for any readers now, or those in the future, read with the spirit and learn.  And if anyone does read this in the NOW and have anything to add, email me and I'll insert your thoughts.

Elder Robert C Gay
The Lord always watches over our families if we exercise faith on their behalf; even if we are not there to watch over them ourselves.
Satan is eager to sift you as being weak just as he was eager to sift Peter.  Beware of feeling at ease in Zion.  Disrupt your routines with this self examination set of questions.
1.         Am I looking at things as they really are?  Satan can appear as an angel of light.    There is a slave prison on the coast.  It actually was a castle.  There was one room with no window, no light, truly a horrendous torture chamber.  Then down that same street an LDS temple of the Lord was erected.  One filled with light and truth.  Satan has his own temple in the area but the Lord’s temple exists as well and shines light to the world.
Hearken to the spirit.  Slavery and Darkness are the end results of Satan’s goals.  God, however, has the power to lighten every step we take.
2.        Am I prepared to learn the lessons of Gethsemane in my life?  In all our pain, we just need to do God’s will, no matter what. Through the ordinances we have covenanted to obey, we receive power to face these challenges.  Doing the will of the Father is my most pressing work.  We need to submit to his will, follow His commandments and have a change of heart.  Have I received His image in my countenance?  Faith leads to Repentence which leads up to more fully keep the commandments and to fulfill all righteousness.
3.       Am I prepared to lose my life to save it?  As we serve our fellowmen we save our own lives.
Decided to serve a mission despite his role in the company he worked for.  He just knew it was time.  He was asked if he ever regretted this decision.  ONE TIME, he said.  After he was on his mission, he heard from his partners who he had worked with on a particular project. The partners had contacted him to let him know that that particular project had gone through and had made the partner a lot of money.  ONE TIME, he had this thought.
While on his mission he was in a horrible car accident and his arm was horrible injured.  He was taken to a local ‘surgery’ where the doctor said he could only clean up the arm.  At one point the doctor noticed Elder Gay’s missionary name tag and asked if he was LDS.  Then the doctor stepped back and showed off the gown, the mask, the surgery impliments/equipment, etc and commented that all of this had been donated by a previous couple serving a mission in that area.  The doctor expressed his gratitude and  Elder Gay  repented of the one time he regretted his mission decision.  Now he says he still bears the African Tattoo (scars from the accident) but is so grateful for the preious couple who provided the necessary equipment that enabled the doctor to clean Elder Gay’s wounds.
All I have in my life is from the service of others.  Beware of flirting with spiritual cliffs.  Feed My Sheep,  Serve Others.

Rosemary Wixom:  Protect Children from the whirlwinds of this world. 
What are the tap roots?  They are the Savior, Jesus Christ and His gospel.  Our homes come alive when the children come home.  Invite His influence into our homes.  It is what happens in our home and the spiritual priorities of those who live in it that make a house a home.  My home is a protection from the world.  It’s not just the physical surroundings but what happens there. The most receptive age is 2-3 years. What is put into a child up to the age of 8 is most likely to stay there.  Only the home can compare to the temple in sacredness.  .  There are 3 types of prayer each home needs: individual, couple and family prayer.

Robert D. Hales:  Harvest of the Home
To strengthen our children for the future we must plant seeds of faithfulness today.
1.        Prayer.  Teach how to prayer.  Express gratitude first.  Then ponder.  Let the spirit instruct and inspire you.  Take notes and then later reconsider what you have done with the information you have been given.  NEVER RAISE YOUR VOICE or the spirit will depart and will you will be making decisions on your own.  More than likely our children will treat their future spouses as we treat each other.
2.       FHE.  Brethren, wives do not need to do this themselves.  Our children need a testimony of tithing.  If they don’t have one, they will become attached to expensive devices.
3.       Counsels.  Counsel over all things:  new callings, problems, changes you may be facing.  We counsel ways to support each other and thus lighten their loads. It is the ideal time to consider how each child is learning.  Counsel about helping your children to discover their mission in life.  NEVER CLOSET THE DOOR TO ANY OF OUR CHILDREN.
The whole world will be in commotion.  Strong families will be needed to resist the Spiritual commotion.  How do we combat the enemy?  How do we stand in Holy Places and not be moved?  Consider the Parable of the Watchman.   The enemy comes by day and by night.  All who are found on the watchtower shall gather together and stand in holy places.  
Parents, watch over your families.  The enemy makes its way into our homes through media.  Participate in singing hymns or children songs together.  Have family discussions.  Pick friends with high standards and welcome them into our homes and get to know their parents.

President Dieter F. Uchdorf

Conquer the angry man by love
Conquet the ill-natured man by goodness.
Conquer the miser with generosity.
Conquer the liar with truth.....from The Dhammapada

It doesn't matter where you serve but that you DO serve. Study Chapter 3 of Preach my Gospel as a family.  My example and council can influence my grandchildren.

Reach out to members who are not attending. Pray for wisdom and power to help those not participating in church. Focus on the most essential things.  When thou art converted, help and strengthen your brother.  Use your time wisely. Set goals that will strength your faith in the Savior.

It is up to each of us to set goals and decide what is important to us and on what we need to spend our time.  Re-evaluating our goals will help us to measure where we are on our way back to Heavenly Father.

Not the Hearers of the word but the DOERS will be justified.  Be prudent and accept divine help .  Continue to work on your own conversion.  Conversion comes by standing up for and living our Gospel beliefs.

Use free agency to choose, TV, etc.  Pornography, violence, and ungodliness with destroy individuals and families.

1.  Always have a Current Temple Recommend (another use of the term CTR).  It is worth any effort and sacrifice. Children should go as often as possible as well as adults.  Follow the standards in For the Strength of Youth.
2.  Study the Word of God daily. Search for daily results in testimony growth.
3.  Speak with Heavenly Father daily.

This work is true and it will bring peace and spiritual strength.


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