Saturday, May 25, 2013

Mother's Day PA

Robert had a week of vacation so we thought we'd spend a few days with Jocelyn and Steve and their family.  We got up early, dropped Niko off at his spa and headed out, with one stop at the cemetery. being me and not a big fan on putting flowers on graves altho I have promised to my mom I would do...the thought of not doing this bothered me.  And once we did, I felt so much better.  Happier.  It's not that I don't remember my mom, I never forgot her (such as the Elvis XM channel says all the time).  I would still remember my wonderful mom if I just put flowers in front of pictures I have of her...not just for this holiday.  But somehow, I just had to do this.

Onward to PA.  Steve bought Jocelyn and me a lovely orchid corsage to wear on Sunday.
I actually have several pictures of Jocelyn and me together but this one with sweet Guy sneaking into the picture was too much to resist.  Both Jocelyn and Steve spoke in Sacrament Meeting and it was fun to be present.  I brought down a slew of books from Scholastic for the kids to read since they are such good readers.  Guy especially!  Every morning he read like "a house afire".  We were very impressed.  I think that really all my grands might tire of getting books, at least now...but in the future they will realize just how important reading those book was for their lives.

This day was also Robert's 64th birthday.
So  much to celebrate but I really think Robert is what and who I celebrate the most, everyday.  Everyone seems to love Robert best...the grands do.  His kids do.  He's always been the one to play and run and imagine.  I see it in their eyes, read it in their blogs/comments.  None of those are my gifts but I am so grateful they are his.  I have decided I am more like my grandmother.  She was always there for me but never was a runner, a player, an imaginer.  She was just there.  A rock.  So I hope that one day my grandkids and my kids will know this about me and will remember that too.

The Christensen kids have spent the last 2 weeks learning the 13 Articles of Faith with the help of music/rhythm.  For FHE, Jocelyn had planned this elaborate Final Exam...and Guy and Scarlett passed off all 13.  Autumn is very close to knowing them all as well, must mostly she can do it with  the music ringing in her head.  Robert had found these pieces of rocks from work.
 They may look like stones wrapped in foil but they aren't.  They are shiny and perfect as something Robert gave each grandchild, to remind them to always search after valuable things, worthwhile things. Scarlett loved these rocks so much she even wrote a thank you letter to her Papa for them.  Yes, he makes a big hit.

 But the valuable things, the worthwhile things are these children who so earnestly seek after good things, guided by their parents.

 Here I am getting some squeeze time with Miss Honor.    This visit was so much fun.  Jocelyn and Steve live in a lovely new-to-them home, set amidst a forest of peaceful grandeur.  Robert brought home a couple of their Elephant Hostas and a fern.  They have enough in their yards to supply a greenhouse.  We shopped at several delightful stores and garden centers.  But it soon was time to head for home.  Thanks Christensens.

A few weeks ago, Robert came in to tell me that there was a bird's nest in the holly bush right outside our front window...and sure enough there was.  Not just a nest but also a nest with 4 blue eggs.  I have carefully watched this and the mommy bird (and the daddy bird as well, I think) and when I could I snuck out to grab a picture (I think if you click on the picture you will get an enlarged one and be better able to see the babies).

 Soon the eggs were found broken apart under the bush and these little nearly-naked birdies were resting after their hard work pecking out of their shells.

 Soon, they began to sprout the softest of down.  They still looked pretty sad with these closed eyes, and HUGE beaks but I could see their hearts beating or the breathing going on so I knew they were alive.

 It started to rain on May 23, Thursday.  We haven't had a lot of rain but it came down pretty steadily for about 30 minutes.  I worried that these birdies would drown and went to the front window, wondering if I should go put up a plastic tarp over them.
 I should have known better...that momma or daddy bird flew right to the nest while I watched, wiggled the body and spread out the wings to totally cover the wee ones.

 If you look closely you can just make out the wings and the parent's head.  And of course, how could I not be reminded of the Savior's words:  O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, thou that killest the prophets, and stonest them which are sent unto thee, How often would I have gathered thy children together, even as a hen gathereth her chicks under her wings, yet ye would not....Matt 23:27

All around us, gentle readers, are things which remind us of the Savior and His counsels to us.  It's not hard to see if we will look and remember.
Here the birds are this morning (Saturday, May 25)...resting after their parents fed them the good food the earth provides....yummy worms.  They grow bigger and stronger and one day even bolder...and then they will fly off, leaving the safety of their nest behind to build their own nests and gather their own chicks under wings of protection.  The cycle continues.


Jocelyn Christensen said...

What? You play second fiddle to no one, Mom!!! Everyone loves you dearly!!! Thanks for visiting us!

Lin Floyd said...

great capture of families-birds and yours. Love your need both grandparents for their differences but the same love!

LeAnn said...

I really enjoyed reading about your visit with your daughter. I enjoy reading her blog, also.
I loved the fun pictures and enjoyed the story of the birds. I find that nature is such a gift to us from a loving Heavenly Father.

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