Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Making Memories

Suddenly all Robert wants to do is Make Memories.  For a few years now he has wished that he could start a tradition of having the sons/grandsons come when possible to the Aaronic Priesthood Commemoration celebration.  As luck would have it, this year the campout was at the end of his week's vacation so he was thrilled.  And if we are even more blessed, this time next year he will be retired...which means he should be often available for the campout...or at least to travel to the various grandsons' campouts.

For this year, Ken, Connor and Evan arrived from Michigan.  Hank got off work in time to pick up Henry and arrive.  Jordan drove right up from Columbus and looks forward to perhaps next year when his Robert will be old enough to come and play.  Robert was thrilled.

When all is said and done, this is my favorite photo and I decided to post this first:
Here is Connor sitting and talking with Henry. Can you just see or imagine how thrilled Henry was to have the attention of his grown up cousin!

Below is Jordan setting up his tent, big enough to sleep him and Robert. Robert had purchased an inflatable bed when we were with Jocelyn the week before.  He inflated it before he left and transported it in bed of the truck.  Funny!

 Ken overseeing the set up of the Barrett domicile....or something!
 Lucky for me, Dawn and Adelle came down too....they dropped off the men and then drove Robert's truck home (and we made our own fun for the weekend...dinner out, shopping, Scholastic Warehouse Sale, Hollo's Paper store especially for Adelle since she's setting up her own art station).
 A-HA...Hank's at the park...iPhone in hand.  Always.  I think it's fun to see him showing Henry the ways of the woods!
 This is Saturday morning.  To say it was a cold night is quite the understatement for this year.  Jordan got up early and started their own fire ring...and the heat of it drew some other youngsters just for the warmth.
 The service project was clearing some trails.  Here's Connor
 Here's Evan...filling up a truck with debris.
 I think this picture freaked Marissa out a bit...but hey, it's all boys, roughing it, getting dressed or undressed as the case may be.  I heard that initially Henry was a little concerned about the whole thing and perhaps he was missing his mom and brother OR missing his warm bed.  But both Henrys were troopers and I think they enjoyed the time together.
 Jordan brought along his smoker and he's setting it up.  He got up throughout the night and kept stoking the fire.  I'm telling you (or myself)..I've had some smoked meats before but no one smokes like Jordan does.  Usually the meat is overcooked, tough, and not seasoned well.  I'm sticking with Jordan's meat....might have to plan ahead and have him smoke me something when next we go to Columbus.

 And THIS is what I'm talking about. THIS is how smoked meats ought to look like...tender and not burnt.  THIS is good meat.  If you could see it, Jordan has a sort of machete that he uses to cut up the ribs...and anything  else.

It was such a memory making campout for Robert. He loved it. And he was so grateful for this night.  Jordan and the Henrys returned to their homes directly.  Sunday night we decided we would have one more fun moment and put together a quick scones party...but minus Jordan.

While the men were camping, Dawn cut and installed a belated birthday gift for Robert.....a moustache for his truck!
You can tell by his smile, he's pretty happy about it!

The next weekend (Memorial Day weekend), Robert insisted on making more memories ... this time with Hank.  Hank was clearing out some overgrown plants and making a base for his pizza oven.  Again, Robert wanted to be included in the play...hopefully Hank didn't mind too much.  Since he had rented an auger he was generous and used it here to make 2 holes for the fence portion that Robert was planning to install on the west side of our house so that the grapes could grow up and not along the ground.

Then it was time to get the pizza base set up.  They mixed up cement and poured it down 4 tubes. When that set, the base was installed.
So yes, Robert's making memories.  I just hope it's a phrase he's using and not a sense he needs to make memories so everyone else has them, not just him.  I'm not ready to let him go.

Remember my little robins? Well, look:
 They are gone.  Robert saw the first of the 4 on the edge of the nest and suddenly, the birdie had his first lesson of being out of the nest. He fell down.  Next we saw the parents with a worm in its mouth, jumping all over the driveway and sidewalk, making the wee one jump, following, wanting that worm.  I'm guess (hoping) the little bird learned to fly.  Then the nest was left with 3.  They were there on Monday but today (Wednesday) the nest was empty.
But there are more birdies in this nest in the backyard, made for me by Ken Barlow so I could grow some hens and chicks on the roof.  There's the most adorable little bird couple flying in and out of this...all day long.  It's quite adorable.  The parents make this amazing sound, especially if I stand too close to the house for too long.  I wish I knew what sort of bird this is.  But it's  lovely...white and blue/black.  I've tried to get a picture of them but they are so fast!

Guess there are memories for all creatures to make!


Lin Floyd said...

spring family memories-how fun!

LeAnn said...

Wow, what fun events and diffidently memory making. Loved the pictures and activities. I think I will see if my husband wants to attempt a campout like this one. It would be interesting since we have a slew of grandsons.

Dawn Barrett said...

What fun! And I'm sure that dad has plenty of memories stored up there!! Even it takes the next life to remember them!!

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