Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Gardening 2013

We all know I am no gardener.  I don't like being outside, and certainly not lollygaggin' in the dirt/muck/mud (but gaggin' is probably what I'd be doing).  So when I came across this idea I knew it was something that we could do...well, OK...Robert could do and I could plan.

In part, the problem is that Robert has fast turned our gardening space into a fruit farm.  The best part is that the dear baby bunnies that always seem to find our garden cannot get to our stuff.  This type of gardening 'plot' will work against a wall, against a fence, or even hanging from the patio covering.  We bought 2 10' lengths of vinyl gutter pieces and drilled holes in the bottom of it, every 4".  Keeping them at 10' length as we initially tried didn't work so we cut them down to 40" sag, no give.  Attach the end caps and use cables and other hardware to attach the cables through the holes and hang.  Very easy.
We have enough to make 4 more and altho last night we said we'd start small, I think we might as well just go for broke, finish them up and see how well they do.

 The lower gutter is filled with lettuce seeds and the top one has rosemary and lavender.  Now I have to wonder if they should have been planted in the same bed or will they take on the other's flavor.  But how bad could lavender scented rosemary be?

Spring has arrived and it's lovely.  Just enough rain, not too hot too fast.  And the locals have stopped complaining about the snow coming down.  But April's  Shower do bring the flowers that bloom in May.....and hopefully some lettuce and spices.

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LeAnn said...

What a wonderful idea; I am going to share it with my hubby. I loved this one and the pictures are a great tutorial.

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