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Easter 2013

  Oh my...what a wonderful Easter we were able to store up in our memory palace.  Jocelyn called a few weeks back and asked if the family could come for the Easter weekend...oh yes, please do!  And then, we thought how nice it would be that Marissa and family live so close.  When Jordan and Hillary heard Jocelyn was coming, they decided to come as well.  Finally Dawn was convinced to join as with her family.  It was crazy and lovely and wonderful and joyful.

I think I finally realized why we opted to move up here to 3830.  As much as we loved and still do love 809, there would have been no way to manage feeding 22, let alone sleep that many.
 Evan and Guy had a great time playing games on the iPod.  These two became fast friends/cousins
 Pretty cousins on the top bunk...Autumn, grown up lady Adelle, and Scarlett.
 Conor was comfy on the twin by the games and things.
Now the 3 boys are playing with the iPods.

 As it was Dawn and Ken had to sleep on the floor or couch or futon mattress.  But it was such a joy to have so many of the kids here...I just cannot express it.  And everyone got along without any opposing views.  But then I initiated the weekend by saying we were Switzerland (Connor said Canada).  Neutral on all issues.

The Christensens arrived very late Wednesday night.  The kids grabbed a few bites of something but eyelids were heavy and they happily went to the basement to sleep in the bunk bed or twin beds.  Up early, and all chattering.  Then they got in the car and went to visit Aunt Carol in Grafton.

Aunt Carol Etzel with Honor

Autumn playing Ashley's guitar.  I think Scarlett is singing.

A sweet photo.

Jocelyn with Carol and Honor
  There's always fun stuff in Carol's backyard.

Then on to visit my godparents, Uncle Johnny and Aunt Patsy.

Group picture  without Steve, who obviously is behind the camera.  Patsy and Johnny loved the visit.

So happy to hold the babe.

And Patsy loves babies and children as much as Johnny, if not moreso!

The kids put on quite the show.

Very entertaining with songs and hand motions.

Time for lots of hugs and kisses before leaving.

At some point (not sure in which order) they dropped in to visit Marissa and boys and check out the lovely Trethen home.

The cousins who were born 30 hours apart.  Honor has found Oskar's wonderful hair.

At last...A picture of Steve and he almost looks relaxed.

Toys and ribbons.

Hey!  What does she have, what did she find?

My turn, says Henry.

Up in Henry's room, painting on his easel.

Friday the Christensens awoke at good time and we were able to 'frost' some eggs.  This is something that Robert only got to do once as a child.  I really thought I would skip it this year and Jocelyn really did skip the egg dying when they were at home.  Then I thought it would be egg-stra special this year to do it anyway.  I quickly cooked the eggs and as soon as they were cool enough we colored them.This is a fun feature of our new camera.

It almost looks I have something important to tell Guy.  He is so wonderful!

I'm a bit of a control freak.  I told the kids they each got 4 eggs to color....lead to no squabbling.  And it was done quickly.

The Christensens drove up to Toledo in the afternoon to visit with Steve's sister, Renae and family and Steve's parents were also there.  Renea has just had a baby so the new babies were meeted and greeted.

Dawn's family arrived Friday night after Ken got off from work.  Dawn's kids slept in the basement on the rest of the beds.

Secular Saturday meant it was time for the discovery of the baskets and where the Easter Bunny hid the eggs.

We prepared to head to Lakeview Beach for the annual egg hunt.  The Trefethens

arrived at our home just as we were getting ready to leave so we were together and set to have fun.  Jordan and Hillary and kids drove directly up from Columbus and met us there.  Perfect timing.

 This is a fast event but everyone is very happy.  The park system which now owns Lakeview Beach/Park fills plastic eggs with candy and the eggs are strewn all over 2 sections of the par, this year on the far west side.  We waited longer than it took the kids to gather up the eggs.  The younger children were assigned to one section, the older children to the next section.  Connor was so good in helping Henry to spot the eggs, pick them up, put them in the basket.  So odd to think of Connor being too old for an egg hunt but seeing him so willing to help a wee one.
 Rob takes a walk around the grounds.
 What?  You want me to pose?  I wanna get come eggs and candy!
 Dawn and Hank yukking it up

 It was not warm but it was so sunny!
 Surrounding the grass with the eggs.
 Honor is all bundled and is probably wondering what this life is all about.
 Get ready!  HENRY!  Get your basket!
 How much longer dad?
 See Henry holding onto Connor's hand?

Stud muffin Connor!
 Well...what's going on? Why am I stuck in here!  At least I can say thanks for the warm hat!
 Aw Granny, thanks!  I have no idea what these are but they are colorful!  And they rattle.
 Running for the eggs and candy!
 Now that was fun!

 Well, if Oskar couldn't have any chocolate at least he could have some sustenance.
 Another stud muffin...just younger!
Cool Dude!  Evan

After the egg hunt was over, a mom arrived with her kids, not understanding how the egg hunt would go...she thought it was just an ongoing activity.  So sadly her kids missed out on the hunt but we learned that Evan and Guy who shared their eggs with these little kids.  All unasked, unprompted...Wow!  Do I have great grandkids or what?

Then it was home for hot Roast Beef Sandwiches (thank you Pioneer Woman...very good).  I cannot even talk about all the things that went on. We didn't see the kids much, they just played with each other here, there, anywhere. Lily and Rob enjoyed digging in PaPa's garden.
Way up high...on the patio!
Not sure what's going on but.....

Miss Lily had a 'bed' made in the closet in the gold room, created to look like a princess room.
 I think she enjoyed it.   And the Easter Bunny brought all her stuff to the room she shared with her cool is that?  As long as she kept the door open she didn't get overly heated.  But it has to be fun to be little enough to sleep on the floor of an empty closet with the door almost closed and the spooka night light in the corner.

Sunday was a cold day but a lovely day with family.  

Here the kids are waiting for the time to leave for church.

Lovely and growing lovelier, Miss Adelle.
Rob loves the fans fact he loves all fans.  And he's got this amazing face that's always looking at me, pleading me to left him up to pull the chain.
  I think this is the favorite shot of the holiday for me....I think....Autumn and Lily...and it wasn't just happened!


  I think Miss Lily enjoyed playing with Miss Adelle.
Never sure what it is about this huge rock our front but kids have always climbed it, stands on top...Cock of the Rock, King of the world?  Who knows?

  And now Guy is atop with Evan.

  We attended church, came home to eat.
The tables lined up from dining room right up to the front room window.  Not all of us are visible but you get the idea.  Jocelyn again this year, had asked the family for their testimonies and had them each but into strips and placed in more plastic eggs.  We took turns reading from the egg we had selected.

At some point, Robert showed the family photos he's been scanning...this is a picture of the world map that was painted on his childhood home's wall.  Everyone wants copies of the pictures when he's done.

New Hatch Batch returned to Columbus in the evening.

Truly it all seems to be a blur.  I know that at the end of the night,  Earlier, Ken, Connor, Evan, PaPa and Guy  played Monopoly.  Connor explains the intricacies of the game.

Hank, Jocelyn, Ken, Connor, Robert and I played Phase 10. I am so glad that Hank likes this game.  He seldom gets to play so I must remember this because I enjoy the game.

The Christensen's left 9am Monday morning.  Dawn and family stayed through the day.  She helped me clean the whole house and I'm telling you, I don't think my mom could clean a bathroom as shiny as she can.  Dawn and I did take some time off to go to Oberlin to pick up my sewing machine that was repaired, and stop at Pat Catan's and have lunch at Chipotle.  Ken had to work the whole day, barely stopping for lunch and dinner.  After dinner they drove home to Michigan.

By Tuesday Dawn expressed her feelings that fit mine perfectly....ZOMBIES!  We were so tired, so exhausted.  But it's the kind of good Zombies, if there is such a thing.  Hillary was correct.  Having cooked a meal, cleaned up, and immediately started another, Hillary said "NEXT time, Susan, You need to assign each of us a meal."  And she's so right.  I am not sure which was the hardest...the time consumed or preparing the food?  Just don't know...Just don't care right now.  I just know there was a lot of food prepared and consumed and hopefully enjoyed.  Luckily the was a lot of help from the guys especially Robert in doing the dishes.

I am sure I am forgetting something we did...I should have written this sooner, while the events were fresh.  I just know we so missed the Kennedys and hoped they were having a great Easter, too.  But it was one of those events that a mom/granny stores up in her heart.  It's seeing the kids play together, the adults talk together.  Sharing  Loving  Growing.


Jocelyn Christensen said...

We had a wonderful time, Mom, thanks!

Dawn Barrett said...

Great memory castle...

and ...we have all said repeatedly that we should split the meals...for years!!

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