Friday, April 19, 2013

Boston Marathon Bombing

Monday, April 15 will long be remembered....what started out to be a lovely morning with a friend, Holly...finding shoes that fit perfectly at a store that I will return to in order to get comfortable shoes...turned into something horrible.

This was the day of the Boston Marathon and as the runners were passing the finish line, suddenly 2 bomb blasts went off...killing 3 people who had come to watch the race.  Obviously an act of terrorism and it makes me shudder to think about it even now.  And of course what follows were hours and hours of the talking newsheads revisiting the horror.  I sat transfixed in front of the TV until I could bear it no longer.

Suddenly on Thursday night, the identification of the 2 bombers were published and then there were more hours of watching for the capture, hoping that it would end soon without any more deaths.  There was one more, a campus police officer.  The oldest brother was killed and the younger man, all of 19, escaped and hid leading to the total shut down of Boston and Watertown.  It was with relief that a man went out to his backyard to walk his dog late Friday night, enjoying a moment of fresh air and noticed what appeared to be blood on the tarp covering his boat, stored in the backyard.  He looked under the tarp and saw a man and hurried back to the home to call the police.  This ordeal ended pretty soon after this.  The young man was captured alive and the hope is that he can tell if there were other people funding this terrorist attack or something else.

The streets and cities erupted in joy and relief when the news the 2nd man had been taken alive.  Earlier in the day, I had copied this picture to my facebook:
Photo: For Boston!
Yes, I do know it's not a real sign but I certainly agreed with this sentiment, especially as I thought of the 4 people who died at the hands of the 2 men who were living the good life in the USA, getting an education, participating in sports.  The youngest had even gained citizenship.  It seems easy to judge the older brother...and sadly, or wrongly, I have sympathy for the younger one.  I know he chose to be complicite  but I wonder....was he lead down the garden path by an evil brother or did he go willingly?  Time will tell, I guess.

But I am grateful for the ability we have to often find the culprits so rapidly.  Robert and I tried to watch Skyfall 007 last night but what used to be fun James Bond movies turned pretty stupid in the light of what the real world can really accomplish.  We didn't waste anymore time on that movie. Turned it off and went to bed.  I know we are in for more such events and I hope to be able to hear a 'whisper' that might warn me to not go/be/do something...actually I am trying to hear that whisper now, to be comfortable in its voice, familiar with its message.


Jocelyn Christensen said...

That is exactly why I can't stomach violent movies anymore...If I want to see violence, I can look at real life. So I don't find it quite so entertaining or "fun" to watch anymore. It gives me the heebiejeebies!

Dawn Barrett said... 5:15pm or so...the FBI only posted pix of the 2 suspects. they didn't even know their names yet! what an event set of 24 hours!

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