Saturday, April 20, 2013

Baking with Maddie

I had a delightful morning and part of the afternoon yesterday baking with Holly Ware's daughter, Maddie.  Maddie is homeschooled and loves to cook.  Not sure if I fulfill some sort of extra-cirricular activities by baking with her but I was asked to do this some time ago and everything just sort of fell in place.

Today is a huge Family History Conference at the Stake Center in Westlake.  Each ward was to provide breakfast treats.  Sandusky had a huge weekend of activities and were not able to bake so Kitty and I said we would bake for them.  Hence a day long of baking.

Here's sweet Maddie and the things we baked together. We had so many different breakfast treats going at one time.  She kept my head pretty much in the game, as well as listening to all the craziness with the news media tracking down the Boston Marathon bombers.
 This is Maddie weighing each of the dough balls, to be rolled out for cinnamon twists.  She was so good at making each piece be exactly 2, I just get as close as I can.  I love her exactness.
 These are poppyseed twists and they will eventually have a lemon glaze applied.  These turned out to be fun to cut with dental floss as well as to twist.  The dough is a new recipe, a very buttery and soft dough.  Love it.
 This is the Mexican chocolate loaf...the filling has cocoa, sugar, cinnamon, cayenne pepper, and almonds.  Shortly after this picture, the loaf was just warm enough to brush with melted butter and sprinkled with cinnamon sugar twice.  Very pretty.
 Here are the near finished cinnamon knots.  This is what Maddie was preparing the dough by weighing it.  Rolled between our hands, rolled in melted butter, and then in brown sugar and cinnamon.  A knot is formed and then placed in paperlined cupcake cups.  That was not required but I  thought it would make for easier clean up and easy transport.

This is one of two raspberry rings (thank good Robert had a great crop of raspberries and we still have lots frozen).  This just came out of the oven so when it cools a bit, it will be dusted with powdered sugar.
After we ate our lunch, Maddie helped me clean the kitchen and then Holly came to get her daughter...sadly to return for about 8 hours of school work....and was nice enough to get a picture of the both of us.  Nah, Maddie is not this tall...she straightened up tall and I scrunched down.  We had a couple of chuckles along the way as she was not always able to put ingredients away because a lot of my stuff is up high.

It was a fun day....Thank you sweet Maddie.


Lin Floyd said...

how fun, a borrowed grand child for the day-looks like you had fun!

Photographs by Holly Ware said...

Madi had the BEST time!!!! You put baking and good friends together...the end results are always sweet!!! Thank you for having her come over...I am so happy that she has friends to enjoy things with!! Love you! xoxo

Betty said...

Thanks for the yummy treats. We had a wonderful variety from all the great bakers. I had the raspberry and the chocolate ones and really enjoyed both!

Betty said...

Thank you for all the wonderful treats. I had the raspberry and chocolate ones and really enjoyed both. I sure would love the raspberry recipe since our bushes usually provide us with lots also.

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