Monday, March 25, 2013


Talked with Dawn last night. She had attended a conference on Saturday and hoped she would learn something new...and lo, she did.  And she shared it with me and it has set her on a new path, or perhaps a better path.  I might only be able to give you some of the details but I think you will get the idea.

A woman was new to a volunteer position.  On her lunch break, in the lunch area, she pulled out her cell phone to check something.  Another woman came up to her and said, not unkindly, "You must be new here.  When we are here we are not to check on our phones."  The woman was a bit startled but suddenly, another woman approached her and said, "THAT woman must be new here also because here we do not correct other workers."

I think the concept is pretty clear, even without specific details.  Dawn and I talked about how right that last woman was.  If it was a dangerous place (it wasn't), if it was placing someone in danger (it wasn't), then perhaps a gentle prod would help but all too often we inject out opinions (which of course are always correct) on a situation.  Time for a directional change.

Another moment followed this one. Today, while cleaning in preparation for Jocelyn's arrival, I had on NCIS...old reruns, my favorites.  Ziva and Tony are preparing to board a ship, being escorted by another naval officer or operation (not sure).  He's being very gentlemanly toward Ziva (unlike cute but smart mouthed Tony) and Ziva says, "Oh I've heard a lot about you."  He replied, "You have, from Tony?"  "No," Ziva says, "from Abbey."  And then this man says, "I love her.  She never says anything bad about anyone."

I thought about this Abbey character in reference to what Dawn and I talked about.

And by the mouths of two witnesses....this is good enough for me.


Dawn Mercedes said...

or, could just stay in her house and not talk to anyone. haha. what a day I have had...!whew!

Lin Floyd said...

life is always a not judge others!

Jocelyn Christensen said...

That's the way it is working in the temple. You are really not to correct anyone...only on the most vital things...but the general rule is that you do not correct others...even as a worker. That has stayed with me ever since my time there. Very different behavior than we are used to outside of the temple!

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