Monday, February 18, 2013

My Mom

Yesterday there were 2 Ward Conferences and I taught in both RS meetings.  I love to teach and I love the new teaching program for the youth and feel it can only overflow into the adult lessons. IF the teachers will do it, it will be wonderful.  I was cutting out a handout for the lessons last week while Skyping with Dawn help pass the tedium.  65 of these things and you gotta have other things happening around you and Dawn is very good at being my 'other things'...willing to chat endlessly when I do endless work.  She reminded me at one point about something Pres. Uchtdorf said-- something about making good use of time, not the frilly stuff that doesn't words, not his, of course.  UPDATE:  Because I was contradicted on the comment, here's the exact statement and you can see that I did not take his words incorrectly:

Dedicating some of our time to studying the scriptures or preparing to teach a lesson is a good sacrifice. Spending many hours stitching the title of the lesson into homemade pot holders for each member of your class perhaps may not be.

But my response to Dawn and to anyone else who asks is this: It's my time and my use of my time.   If we only go with my take on his words as many have done then it's no wonder teachers put very little time into making something as a reminder, let alone prepare a lesson that isn't just reading out of the manual. So what if it gets tossed when they walk into their homes.  It's the minutes between getting it and tossing it that counts.  And if someone totally hated the handout, then don't take one.  You aren't going to hurt my feelings. I do what I do because I want to.  By the same token I don't do (nor take) what I don't feel I can do/take successfully.  If it's a tchotchke then it's a tchotchke...nothing more nothing just is what it is.  Each of mine yesterday contained 3 little salt packets and no I did not run to McDonalds and swipe them. I went to GFS and bought a bag of 1000 of them for less than $2 because, sadly, Morton Salt doesn't make those tiny little salt shakers anymore like I used to keep in my desk at school as an elementary student!

Thanks to Kristen for her pattern.  I first saw these from Jocelyn who bought them from Kristen's Etsy shop for New Beginnings.  Those probably doubled the size I made but the best thing about SVG is the S...sizeable.  I think I got the pattern just in time because she has put them on the back burner at Etsy while she works on other things...apparently that's how popular they were.  But I'll say, they were adorable.

This morning, before I returned to reading Beautiful Creatures so I can see the movie later this week, I got this amazing email from Betty Franklin (Betty is a special friend.  I served with her on the Stake RS board before Kirtland separated into its own stake and then again right afterwards when she became Stake RS President.  I learned so much from her about baking bread and several of her recipes are in my NaNoWriMo cookbook, and I still use her recipes all the time).  I am posting it here, not because she enjoyed my lesson but for what she said about my mom.  I could edit out the compliment to me but I won't because I need to remind myself, when I'm in a slump, just how important it is to study a lesson totally, and then NOT read from the manual.  I miss my mom....But yesterday I was reminded in the midst of the 2 lessons of the fact that she and I had talked right before we opted for baptism about how important it was that IF I was to take this step with her, that we commit or covenant to it til the end of our lives...and that is exactly what she did.  She was  faithful and a great servant, one who believed and served everywhere.  I am honored she was my mom.  And a big thank you to Betty for reminding me of this.

Here's Betty!

I so enjoyed your lesson this morning.  The stories of your mom brought back such tender feelings of the years that we worked together.  She was a remarkable woman who was such a great influence in so many lives--including mine.  I still think of her cutting carrot sticks into thinner pieces for a party every time I serve carrot sticks.  Or enjoy all the homemade cloth napkins we use which saves on the wasted paper ones.  That came from her comments on saving the environment.  Silly remembrances, but thought you might appreciate them.  She was so much more than thin carrot sticks and cloth napkins, but thought these would make you smile.

Thanks again for the lesson.  It was great to not just go through word by word from the manual, but use it as a base and scaffold for the lesson.  Your did a masterful job.



Lin Floyd said...

what a lovely compliment...and a memorable lesson it sounds like.

Dawn Mercedes said...

I wasn't saying that the temples were a was something else you were thinking off adding to it...that's when I reminded you to be careful of your time....

glad you posted....and posted a pix. I keep checking for updates. AND I DID read it...all the way through...despite a migraine...ugh...

JP said...

It's always worth it if YOU think it is. It's a burden when you feel like you HAVE to do something, then the love isn't there so it's a waste of time.

Rebecca Holt Stay said...

So many good memories of Gladys - and Betty - and all the good lessons you have all taught out in The Ohio.
Miss you all.
I will always be grateful that she invited me to teach in her home: that got me started and changed my life forever.
And I LOVE that you thought about the covenant you were about to make: to NOT take the Name of the LORD in vain.

Kristin said...

Hi Susan!
Glad you were able to get some use from your temple SVG file. They are buggers to cut though, aren't they! (Just a tad time consuming!) I've now cut close to 1000 of them...and my machine hasn't quit on me yet, thankfully. Have a great week,

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