Friday, January 25, 2013

To Soar with Eagles

But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run and not be weary/ and they shall walk and not faint.  Isaiah 40  

We spent a wonderful weekend with the Kennedy family in Indiana.  the drive down and back was easy with no weather problem (nice for January).  We left Friday afternoon, anxious to be a part of Cody and Samuel's big day.
Cody had completed his Eagle project and basically had been confirmed an Eagle with the Boy Scouts of America but Saturday, 18 January Cody received it officially through the Court of Honor.  I loved it that Cody accomplished this well before he turned 18.  This was the assignment was done and he can move on with the various activities and responsibilities that accompany a youth for driving and dating and planning his future, knowing full well that at any time he applies for employment and lists EAGLE SCOUT he will be looked at differently.  The program was lovely...special songs performed by the younger scouts as well as all the Eagles present.  This song was given to me by a friend I had met online, who wrote them.  I had hoped they could be sung at Jordan's Eagle Court of Honor but it didn't happen. Thanx to Cara, it did on this night.

Here are some more photos from that night.  Dawn and family recognized the importance of this night and luckily were able to schedule a trip down as well....knowing full well that there are 2 scouts in her family who needed to witness this moment.  I took a lot of videos of the proceedings as well and will post one of Cara giving her talk.  It was moving for me to listen to her, knowing well how often she's in physical pain but still able to stand and ever so sweetly tell us her impressions (and once again I know why I had 4 girls and only 1 boy...I am so not as patient as she is).  Cody has 3 younger brothers who can look up to him as an example in so many things.


 SOME OF THE EAGLES IN THE FAMILY...Eagle  Uncle Ken Barrett, Cody with his Eagle Dad, Jacob, and Eagle Uncle Nat Kennedy
 THE BARRETTS, EAGLE DAD AND LIFE SCOUT CONNOR (already at 13), Cub Evan, Dawn and Adelle

 The sun dawned bright and lovely on Sunday, 20 January 2013...This was Samuel's big day...the day he turned 12.

   the day  the Aaronic Priesthood would be conferred on him and he would be ordained to the office of Deacon.  We felt really blessed that the Kennedy's could arrange for both of these big events be scheduled for the same weekend.  

To honor his big brother, Sam wore a bow tie...
Isn't he just too adorable for words.  He's always been the silent, strong type....not saying a lot but doing so much.  We loved being able to have our picture taken with him.  We love very much.

I got in one more shot...this time with Peter...just as charming as his two older brothers.  Just as sweet and so very kind.    Peter is quite the reader and shows that by being a reader, by being a great reader, he is able to produce great grades and great understanding of things.

So ended our lovely weekend.  It is always a great time to be with family.  A great time to see everyone.  It's very special when family gather to recognize big accomplishments and small.  It's hard sometimes to give up plans or arrange schedules/time off  but oh the rewards are so worth it.  Because truly, family is so worth it.


Lin Floyd said...

what a fun family celebration. I dreamed last night that all four of my sons came for a visit...

Kristin said...

Hi Susan!
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