Sunday, January 13, 2013

Random thoughts on Knitting

It's not like I haven't written about my knitting before now but I've had knitting on my mind a lot this past week, especially this morning.

I have always loved to knit...having learned because I spent a lot of time in bed due to rheumatic fever as a child.  I didn't do such a good job of passing along this love to my kids, Jordan included.  Bad me! I should have insisted they learn altho one now can and one can but prefers to crochet which is just as good.  But I grew up with knitting around me.  My grandmother knit and it's her very vintage British Baby Mary Jane pattern that I knit for all the babies who arrive within my world.  My mom always was knitting.  She loved to knit argyle socks but got bored knitting the pattern twice so she'd knit two at one time, at the same time on the same needles.  These were wool socks so they had to be washed by hands and dried on a special frame.  A pair of frames, similar to this one, always hung in the basement in Parma.

They were just a way of life for us.  And now it's just a memory.

A few years ago, I acquired this.

I think I either donated to the Red Cross or bought it from them.  It was a 1942 replica of the type of kit were sold by the American Red Cross and the socks were then knitted by scores of women in a World War II effort to clad our soldiers with socks.  "Knit your Bit."  Cute!  As you can see, the kit was just too sweet and too tender to use.  I just keep it and look at it ... often.  and remember.  Oh, I remember so many things!

Sometime about 2 years ago, I started knitting these baby caps...different styles.  Again, not like the ones are sold in today's normal markets.  But sweet and genteel.  I like them.  And they use finer yarn and very small needles.

This weekend I found some patterns, Downton Abbey-esque.
This is a wedding shawl.
Home-fire Scarf...could have been worn by a real man like the fictional Matthew Crawley.

 I fell in love with them!  Totally!  Interestingly, the creator commented this:  "With the Downton Abbey Christmas Special on this weekend, my mind turns to vintage knitting.  I love the styles of the past, and dream of having enough time do do vintage knitting 'properly', with tiny needles and impossibly intricate patterns"  And then I put two and two together.  Now I understood why I have so many #1 and #2 needles.  And I mean I have SO MANY...But these would be the size my mom used for the men's argyle socks.  Of course...well, duh, really had to take you this long to figure it out?!  But this woman has some patterns and she's taken much of the intricacies out of them.

Here's the first pattern that  I think I want to do first...for myself (altho the pattern does come in baby size...can't you just picture a baby girl in one?).  I just wish we had a yarn shop close.

There's great satisfaction when I knit something for myself and enjoy when I need something for someone else who appreciate the time and effort, yes, but more that they enjoy the delicacy of the item. And so each pattern develops over rows and when the project is done, it's a joy to step back and look and admire.  Is that how it will be on judgement day IF we learn to obey the 'pattern' set for us, being meticulous in our adherence?


Jocelyn Christensen said...

I love to knit too...wish I was better or you were close to help me with patterns. Just don't mention Downtown Abbey and I'll knit whatever intricate patterns you like! ;)

Lin Floyd said...

I knitted a pink sweater set for my first baby and kept it through a total of 4 sons. Just gave it to my youngest jeff for his baby girl several years back as Daniel had twin daughters they adopted....memories! Tried knitting to make a scarf years back and my hands cramped-end of knitting for me. Unfortunately!

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