Friday, January 04, 2013

Cara Peace

Today is Cara's 38th Birthday.  She asked me if I remembered the exact time each of my kids were born...and altho I used to be able to say, unfortunately, I cannot say now.  But I know it was in the middle of the night.  But she has always been a blessing.  Here she is with her family:

Just last week Robert commented why he always said, "I can hardly wait to eat them."  Seems there had been a church meeting, either Sunday School back in the day before schedules changed, or Sacrament Meeting, our family was presenting the topic Family Home Evening. Every one of our little kids had a line or two and as 'assignments' were being given, and someone had claimed 'desserts/cookies', Cara said that line....I can hardly wait to eat them.  And ever since them Robert has made that statement.  Funny....I didn't remember the incident at all.

My favorite was the day Cara went in to a store buy some hair color.  It took her forever.  And as we finally were getting back into the car, she announces she wanted a different color.  That was typical for Cara.  Decisions didn't come easy for her but once she made up her mind, it stuck.

We are very glad she decided on Jacob, and the 5 kids.  Happy Birthday, Sweet Cara!


Lin Floyd said...

Your family is truly a blessing for all your hard work and mothering...

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mom and Dad for willingly have me and love me. You are the best!

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