Saturday, January 05, 2013

Blessings today

Look at me...I now sport earmuffs just like Pam has...and these actually came from her. We had a morning out last week, me in a knitted hat, her in her black muff (exactly like these).  I looked to find some earmuffs but none around the stores we were visiting were like hers...hers are comfortable, the ones we looked at were pinchy.  Today the doorbell rang there there she was, with a new pair just for me. And she didn't mind at all that we both have earmuff...altho she would not be caught dead in red.   But I have my mom's ears, as she was oft to remind me and like Pam's, my ears get cold fastest.  Now, no problem!

So as my morning progressed, I had a phone call from Jill...and hurry up and find the recipe/ingredient question.  Jill is just so much fun.  Now thanks to her, I have a clean top shelf in my pantry...the shelf that holds my well-used cookbooks.  Yesterday while talking with Dawn, I cleaned 3 shelves in said pantry and laid down new shelf liner...does anyone do that anymore?  Anyone other than we oldsters?  So all is good

Yesterday was Cara's birthday as I blogged about (and that could read BRAGGED) and we were able to talk with her two times in one day. That's a record for a week but a day is even better.  Robert was home when she called after opening her gift and he was able to talk to her, too.  But during the day, Marissa and the wee ones came for a lovely visit.  Hank was home with the electrician, upgrading that status and with the power off Marissa came to keep warm.  I loved having the chance to get to see the boys even if for a few hours.  I was making the PC Chicken Sliders (again because Jill had made them last week and it sparked an interest) and I was happy Marissa would take some home for dinner.  I like to share but more I like to not have leftovers.  Not big on them at all.

I was able to skype with Hillary and kids as well as Dawn yesterday. That is always a highlight of my day.  I can see that Robert was not feeling well, that Lily was sweet as ever but I think she might be next.  I could see what's going on in Dawn's art room, her kitchen,  or in her thoughts. Connor and Evan walked through my vision yesterday and sometimes I even get to see pretty Adelle.  Again, I am happy for technology and that I finally got with IT.

I even chatted with Jocelyn in the morning when she had lost her cell phone and then with Steve for a minute later on in the day.  She's ready to pack up and move to their newly purchased home right now...not gonna happen but she seems to be good at letting go and moving on.

So between doing laundry, dusting, cleaning, shopping, I finally sat down to eat some lunch and turned on the TV (something I do not do when Robert's's never been done in our home) and watched about 20 minutes of a movie I'd seen before. But I got up realizing just how many blessings I have been given and walking to the kitchen sink, I gave praise where it was due, to whom it was due, and mentioned all the other people who have been God's hands in my life.

Today on FB there is a crafting pay-it-forward activity.  I signed on but now I will need to think up things to make for 5 different people.  Hmmmm....but isn't that what I want to be, God's hands for someone else?  Isn't that what I want to blessings and not my 'wants', 'have to haves'?  Jocelyn likes to post things from Pinterest...I get good ideas from there but sure wish that when I google for something, I do not have to get a continual list of pinterest repostings.  But the one I saw said:  First Observe, Then Serve.

Seems like the perfect motto for this year...along with my "His Law is Love and His Gospel is Peace".

Today, I am blessed, and so grateful...Bring it on!


Lin Floyd said...

love your ear muffs. My hubby is complaining loudly about the cold weather-20 degrees at night and 40 in the daytime-he's from Texas. I love our snowless winters...

Jocelyn Christensen said...

We are even more ready now...packed up the attic yesterday...basement was packed last week. Now for the nitty-gritty items! Earmuffs look great! I remember that being the big disappointment about earmuffs...they hurt your head or ears. Speaking of muffs, the girls wore theirs proudly all through church and kept their little paws nice and warm! They've done that for two weeks now! Thanks!

LeAnn said...

The red ear muffs are awesome. I think I will get some. My ears are always cold. You had quite a busy day.
I rather like getting ideas from Pinterest but sometimes there are just too many of them and I feel like I am on overload.
I like the thought of First Observe, Then Serve. A few of the blog posts that I follow have chosen a word for the year. I choose hope.
Blessings to you; this was a read.

Dawn Mercedes said...

okay, last time I was here...I saw the ear muffs..b.ut never READ...but here, today..I did read.

And 1. Yes, I am tired of pins coming up when I google too.
2. I want to make that the first framed thing...

so 3...KEN HAS to put up that frame tomorrow!! I'm goign to text him now.

Dawn Mercedes said...

okay,I'm already changing my mind about that motto. Anyways, I already do it. but then again, my kids need to learn it....hmmmmm
guess I need more than one frame.

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