Friday, December 28, 2012

Romantic Robert

3 special silver dollars.  1972 for the year we married; 1976 for the year we bought 809; 2008 for the year we moved into 3830.

He ends his sweet note (and even used my crafting cute edge scissors to cut around it) with a quote from A Soalin'....If you haven't got a ha' penny then God Bless You.

Well, I do have an 1891 Victoria British Penny:
My grandfather, Richard James Holman, carried this in his pocket til the day he died.  And then I was given it to put in my shoe on the day I was married.  I don't know why I was given it but I still have it and this morning have removed it from where it was kept with the childhood rings of mine and the one gold ring which each of my 5 children wore.

You can barely make out any of the details but you can see the date.  Seeing Victoria on the reverse side is a bit hard to make out in a photograph but here she is:

So now I will store her with these 3 silver dollars in a safe place UNTIL and IF I decide to gift her to one of the kids....If I don't..NO ARGUING WHEN I DIE, KIDS. of Saturday, December 29, 2012, I have decided that Miss Scarlett will possess Victoria Penny WHENEVER I can let it go.  Maybe when she needs a penny for her wedding shoe...maybe before.  I made the decision because she always sings that song (A' Soalin' at Christmas). Plus I realized that I need to give to the grands' generation....

But isn't she lovely?!  And isn't Robert the sweetest gift giver?!


Lin Floyd said...

lovely gift. I would put them in a wall collage or shadow box to look at daily rather than in an old drawer...

Dawn Mercedes said... is so sweet!

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