Monday, December 31, 2012

One familiar shelf

Jordan send me this picture and asked me if anything looked familiar.
This was taken in the room currently called the Play Room.  I know this room.  We saw this room during Christmas but when we left we knew that things would be changed.  Old toys would be put away for a time and the new ones put out.  So I could see the new toys.

But suddenly!  I saw on the wall, the shelf with hooks that used to be in our front room at 809.  On the day Jordan was born, 1982, Robert went down to this small little store that sold Precious Moment things, including birth announcements.  Back in that day, we didn't get to know ahead of births if we would be having a son or a we always had to wait to find out and then had to hustle for birth announcements...which I don't think any new parents do today..this hurry thing.  So while he was there, which was the last day for their drawing/give away.

Robert signed up altho he's never been much of a give away enter-er....and before the night was over, Robert got a call that he had won.

So he went down and picked up this wonderful shelf with the hooks and had it ready for me to enjoy when we finally came home from the hospital.  It was only fitting that once we left 809 that Jordan would own this shelf.  I always loved this shelf.  It held securely on the wall and allowed so many decorations to be safe throughout all the various holiday decorations.

So NOW, all the princess's gowns are off the floor and decorate the palace.


Lin Floyd said...

how cool, the memories continue with traditions!

Jocelyn Christensen said...

And she has quite the collection of Thomas framed art as well!

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