Monday, December 24, 2012

My newest Nativity

Before deleting the pictures from my smart card, I decided I needed to history newest Nativity.  Little Henry's ward held their annual Christmas breakfast with a live nativity and songs.  Henry was to have been a donkey, hence Eeyore.  But just offstage, he noticed what the other children were wearing and grabbed at Oskar's little blanket and insisted on having his mom put it on his head.  Then he walks right on stage, unafraid of anything, and positions himself center stage.  No one had remembered that a baby Jesus would be needed so at the last moment, Marissa was asked if Oskar could be used and that's his wee head with his tons of hair in the manger behind wonder Henry wanted a starring role.

Henry kept motioning to his mom and telling her "come here".  I think Marissa was probably laughing too hard and trying to get a couple of good photos.  Eventually, a shepherd tried to make Henry sit down and naturally that brought on the tears and this amazing lower picture.  I loved it.  I wasn't there and am trying the best I can to recount what Marissa told us.  But what a nativity scene it must have been...and it's one I want to keep around every year.

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