Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Kris Kringle Mingle

Robin and Meta planned a perfectly delightful Saturday morning for RS.  We did NOT have a progressive lunch but it resembled that.  The morning started at 10 at my home where the sisters were to meet for Wassail and to sing, as well as to see my collections.  We had a nice, kind group. 
 Not all the younger crowd showed up here and honestly I thought that was rather typical.  We do have a situation in  that some of the young marrieds seem to  have issues with us oldsters.  It's been obvious in what and how they say.  But from my very advanced years, I realize that they have years yet to learn the niceties of life.
  I think my latest addition to the nativity spirit says it all.  Thankfully, those who showed up for the event truly are a part of the stable few.  I had a very good wassail recipe and hope to make it again this winter...who needs Christmas for wassail?.  Mary Beth brought a hot spiced cider which was very inviting.  All we needed was snow and it would have been the perfect setting.  BUT not having snow made the travel very easy.

It was fun to have everyone look at my collections.  I think 3 of the friends actually went out and scouted for their own Peanuts nativity which is adorable.  This one to the right is one of my favorites altho it is not an expensive one.  Dawn has the real one, brought home from her time teaching in the Dept of Defense school in Germany.  Now THAT is a beauty.  I had candles lit on this one on Saturday and it was fun to see the heat generate the paddles on top and whirl the nativity scene beneath.  Plus there were plenty of angels, and Santas as well.   In fact, here is my newest Santa, from the Christensen's this year.  Look how there's a Tree of Life within his clothes.  Isn't he wonderful?  I just read again that the sacred tree motif is found on garments in Assyria as well as on numerous objects in various cultures, demonstrating the prominence of this motif in Near Eastern religions.  Scholars have also  associated the tree of life with Jesus's cross of Jesus Christ himself.  Now isn't that interesting?

 This year, because of this party, I pulled out everything.  And it was a joy to revisit some of the things that haven't always made it out for Christmas.  Fun memories.

 Jill Pavic started the piano playing.
 And then Mary Beth took over

 Here is Lana...with the friend who brought her...Lauren Olsen...you'll read more of her later.  The thing that bowled me over about Lana is that she walked in, having never met me before, and handed me a box of Christmas Ribbon Candies, as a "thank you" for inviting her into my home.  I truthfully could have hugged her right there on the spot.  No fooling!  I didn't. Probably should have.  But on a day when I was really missing my mom (and at one point I had to leave the sing-a-long because of the tears brought on by the sweet voices of these friends in my mom's home, an event my mom really relished and did so well...oh how I missed her), here comes a young woman with the upbringing to have been taught or who learned on her own the niceties of a hostess gift.  I had gifts for the next 2 homes we would visit but that's how I trained.  Wow...was I impressed with Lana!  Nah, I don't expect hostess gifts because so few understand this tradition or perhaps it's because everything is so casual.  So this was wonderful.  In a way, perhaps because these ladies did show up was hostess gift enough!
 Kitty Buchan, Susan Hansen, Mary Beth
 Caroline Benedum, Phyllis Kimmel, Jan Warren in her pretty new shoes, Lana and Lauren
 Daphne Fredricks, my neighbor down at 805. What impresses me with Daphne is how, being single, she's so willing so go to all sorts of events and fits in so easily.  She's comfortable to be with.  I am not sure I'd be that brave.
 Elizabeth Lathum, Jan Wolf
 Smiling Sherri Hiles and Phyllis

From my house we headed to Lauren's to see her lovely decorated home which she has worked on for 2 months to get ready for this Mingle.  Everything was lovely and colorful.  She has an interior design background.  I think she needs to teach a monthly class! 
 The Olsen's family room but even the kids' rooms were decorated!  I remember when we used to do that...but not quite to Lauren's ability!  It was all wonderful.
 We even had to peek into her laundry room...she is also organized...can you tell!  She created the chalk board herself..with paint, obviously!
 Lauren is also a budding photographer...as these 2 pictures show.  The beautiful daughter, Leah, is one of my piano students.  She is so sweet and loving and I am glad she comes for lessons.

 This is Lauren's entryway.  Lauren has the knack to take the ordinary and turn it into the extraordinary!  I wish I had taken a picture of her sewing room.  She took dead ol' branches and stuck them in what could have been a decorated #10 can. But hanging from the branches were spools of thread and bobbins...Adorable.
 Again, Lana and Lauren.
 To finish off our time at Lauren's, she read us an amazing book entitled, I Believe in Santa Claus.  I made sure to tell Jocelyn about it in case she did not have it.  It was right up Jocelyn's alley and is a perfect way to teach children about Santa. Jocelyn bought one and then I decided I ought to buy one too.

From Lauren's we finished the morning by meeting at noon at Meta Phillips' home.
Here she is with Ellie... (Elizabeth)
Meta doesn't do a lot of decorating but her home is very kid friendly.  The fun site was their kitchen table.  It has a glass cover to it and under the glass, Meta had placed drawings and letters from her kids.  What a clever way to showcase their ideas of Christmas.  Made me wish I had had a glass to cover my table back in the day.

We had lunch at Meta's and altho I am not a big chili lover this recipe was incredible.  I posted it on our Family Recipe blog because I most certainly will be making this for Robert and me.

Here is the ever planning, amazing friend, Robin...getting ready to dish up the chicken chili.

Jan Warren, Susan Hansen, Meta
Really, this was an event that ought to be repeated every year, make it a tradition.  

But Saturday was also the start of Hannukah.  After the morning event, we were all set to spend the evening with our friends, Pam and Ken.   I figured we did up the oil portion of the night pretty well with a hibachi dinner at Fujiyama's.  I personally enjoy their YumYum sauce and luckily for me, they sell it by the pint so I could bring it home and spice up future meals. 
 THEN afterwards, knowing we needed to finish the night with doughnuts.  We stopped at the Dunkin Donuts and brought donuts home.  We served them with hot cocoa from the no-longer-made cocomotion machine.  It was a great night that completed a great day!



Dawn Mercedes said...

great way to photojournal your RS celebration!! I was sad I missed ours!

Lin Floyd said...

parties, how fun-we had a relief society brunch and social at one of the homes today and it was relaxing.

LeAnn said...

We have had RS progressive dinner Christmas activities before and I loved being part of them. I enjoyed reading about your fun nights and the pictures were awesome.
Blessings and enjoy the Christmas Moments.

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