Sunday, December 16, 2012

Human Game by Simon Read

After a rather grueling day at church this morning, I came home and started dinner...for a really odd day we actually had BLTs.  Robert knowing of my mood, suggesting I take a nap which is what I tried to do after we ate, then began to read me the following:

His weathered face conveyed the dual nature of his personality, quick to smile at an off-color joke but just as prone to flash anger at the stupidity of others and what he perceived to be bureaucratic meddling.  He never hesitated to speak his mind, caring little for what others thoughts of his opinions and making good use of profanities when he deemed the situation worthy of blunt language.  He did not suffer fools gladly and could harshly dress down those who failed to meet his expectations.

Whomever could he be thinking.

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