Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Honor Ivy

Friday, 30 November, Robert scurried home from work (earlier than I had ever anticipated) and we hustled off to Lewisburg to be with Honor Ivy for her blessing day.  I drove all the way since Robert really was tired after a difficult work week but also, I feel comfortable driving (usually).  We made good time and was happy to be able to meet our newest granddaughter, Miss Honoy.  Isn't she lovely.  Babies...always soft and cuddle-able...kissable.

And yes, I did allow Robert to hold her quickly but I certain wanted to hold her all weekend...but there were others there.  PLUS...I remember my own infants, how everyone wanted to hold and cuddle and I remember how 'sore' their bodies seemed to be.  So I really did well at restraining myself altho it hurt to do so.

Made easier by the fact I had a few other grands to play with.

Saturday was Honor's special blessing day.  All the kids and all the adults dressed for this sacred occasion made even more so by doing this in the child's home, which has become quite the tradition.

 When it was time to get her dressed, Jocelyn allowed me this pleasure.  This is the famous 114 year old Christening Gown, made for my grandfather Holman by his grandmother in 1898.  It's fragile and getting more so.
Dad Steve gave his daughter a lovely blessing, full of promise and expectations.  She will have a gifted life, for sure.

Here of the valiant priesthood holders.

And here are the men in our Little Honor's life...including Guy who turns 8 next year.  Imagine that!

Below is the full family, behind Steve are his parents Steve and Christie who came from Colorado for this event.

 Later that day we all bundled into the cars and drove to a tree farm.  I sat in the car with Honor since it really was too damp and cool to take her 'round.This is a tradition Jocelyn and Steve have.
 When we got home, and the tree was up, Steve put on the 600 lights and then Autumn, truly the littlest angel was given the honor of putting on the tree top angel....all the way to the top of the tree which touched the ceiling of their home.

Jocelyn had found these amazing red coats and hats for Scarlett and Autumn and mentioned they needed muff.  I offered I would be happy to sew them for her.  They turned out to be so soft and so warm.  Here is Autumn, when she first put her hands in them.  I love seeing her joy.Truly she is an angel.

 It was a lovely weekend and we were thrilled to be able to be in attendance.  I am fortunate to be within driving distance from all my 5, Cara being the farthest but as has been experienced, in a blink, I can dash to the car and still be able to reach her within 7 hours, nonstop.

2 grandbabies within 30 hours of each other is certainly a blessing of the year and of this special Christmas season.  Troubles may come, worries will inevitably exist but when there's love, there's a solution for most things.  Sometimes we just have to wait and see.  Most times our prayers are wait and see.  But I am so impatient.

But I love all my grands. They each come with such amazing and different personalities.

I must mention that Teri Stencil, upon seeing Honor, mentioned how much of a Hatch she is.  It was a day later that I remember that both Jocelyn and Steve are descendants of the same Ira Stearns Hatch, so of course their children carry that strong genes but there is plenty of Steve in them as well.  It depends who is sitting with what child...then you are sure she/he looks like that parents.  Switch parents..and the opinion changes.

But what I do know...I am grateful for the eternal aspect of families, that life goes beyond the grave, and that thanks to the restored gospel, there is a sealing that keeps us all together.


Jocelyn Christensen said...

Autumn looks like you in that first picture of her in the muff...she's got your smile!

Dawn Mercedes said...

thanks for the pictures...

Lin Floyd said...

what a special blessing...

LeAnn said...

I really enjoy reading this beautiful family event. I loved the Blessings gown. I think I mentioned before that my three girls were blessed in my Father's blessing gown made by his mother.
The pictures were priceless. I think it is fun that I finally connected Jocelyn and you. I love following her blog and yours. You indeed had some treasured moments on this trip.
Blessings to you!

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