Monday, December 10, 2012

Giving and Leaving

Lately, I've worked at seeing what I have that someone else might need or want.  No, I do not think I'm going to die just yet, or at least I hope not.  But I know that it is time consuming after a death for the survivors to dismantle a home, deciding what needs to be kept, given to others or just plain junked.  I did it with my mom and bonpapa....I have friends who have done likewise.

Sometimes, the task is made easier because my kids might mention in passing, something they might like to have one day.

This morning I was looking at my things and thought about handing them down sometime...and then I got quite a bit weepy.  It isn't that I have to own and possess these things.  It's just that I have loved them and wonder if anyone else would.

And then I figured it out.  It's practice, this giving away of treasured things.  It's practice for the day that I do, indeed, leave this mortal behind and move on to the next stage.  I have loved this earth and I have loved the things I have been blessed with.  I figured we really don't have a choice...for as Robert keeps reminding me, we are born to die.  We all are going to.  But I there this one fleeting moment before we close our eyes for good that we turn 360 degrees, looking at all about us, and have this moment of wishing we could take this or that with us...knowing full well that we can't. That I just take who I've become and the testimony I have nurtured.  That's it.  That is enough.

But there is this wonderful idea that the Lord Himself is waiting for my return, hopefully a valiant and honorable return.  That the thing He treasured (ME) enough to send to earth would be a treasured thing that would return to Him.  It was then that I realized I could continue to give away some of the things I have learned to love to those who will love them too, keeping them bright with memories of me.

Wanna see what went where?  Look HERE.


Dawn Mercedes said... did seem to be giving a way si much so early.. stay here for a longer time.

Lin Floyd said...

neat idea, I've been thinking about that too...

Jocelyn Christensen said...

beautiful post!

Anonymous said...

You are a wise and virtuous woman---Mom.
Ps on the topic of giving away..... I call dibs on the navitiy ! :)

Seriously, I think 2013 will be my purging year but it has taken my half the year to be brave enough to let go of material memories...I don't want to lose those memories or accept that season is completed. But you wrote so well about us being Heavenly Father's treasure and that is comforting. Thanks.

LeAnn said...

As a Hospice nurse for several years I can say that most people who know they are dying like to give their belongings to loved ones. My mother was with us when she passed away and we went through all of her things and decided who got what. She did have much of value; but they were precious to her and to those who received them. I think we all have items in our home that we have loved and we will miss them.
Blessings to you!

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