Thursday, December 06, 2012

December Time

The holidays are always a lot of fun, filled with events and memories and plans and hopes and dreams.  For me, however, as I have probably mentioned before, some memories disrupt the present and I am always working at making the memories that disturb me from causing me to be CRAZY! Sometimes I am successful, other years not so much.  Sometimes there's a trigger...I suppose always there is a trigger.  But here's how I got through the initial craziness.
(here is the substitute Mary/Jesus that Jordan found for me to use this year in the nativity Aunt Carol made for me in 1972, but somehow Mary ran away, ne'er to come back...and she's lovely and will be perfect til the mold form that Dawn found for me gets painted and fired.)

My mom made me promise that I would put flowers or a wreath on her grave for all the holidays and in between.  If I didn't, she said I would not get my inheritance.  Funny, Mom!  I told her to be sure and get a plot near the road so I could drive through and toss out the flowers and keep on rollin'.  Funny, Susan!  But I would have done this for her because I love her...despite the fact I personally do not need this ritual.  I purchased a very bright and cheery red (her fav color) shiny wreath weeks ago and really had intended to get it on the graves before Thanksgiving...that did not happen..and I blame her and Bonpapa for picking a cemetery 40 minutes remember, I am not much of a driver/traveler/shopper.  

But seeing the wreath in the garage everytime I went in and out with the car, reminded me of my neglect.  And the weight on my shoulders seemed to get heavier and heavier.  I swear it felt like Mom was reminding me, haunting me to get it done.  Everything I needed to do got harder and I got slower in doing the most menial of chores.  Tuesday I heard Blair Underwood advertise that K&G Men's wear had an amazing suit sale for men and since my piano students stiffed me AGAIN, I called Robert and told him that since he needed a new suit we would go to North Olmsted and get well as take the wreath to the cemetery.

It was really raining by the time we got to the Sermon on the Mount area but we ran up the path, Robert stuck the wires into the ground and as we raced back to the car I called up to heaven, "Merry Christmas Mom and Bonpapa".  Shook off the rain, sat in the car and as Robert drove around a new area and past the Adeboi's grave (to which we also greeted them with a Merry Christmas), and suddenly I announced:  My heart feels light and gay.  I think my mom is satisfied and has stopped haunting me.

Naturally Robert doesn't believe in haunting but you have read the story of the Christmas Tree in a couple posts back.  So I do believe that some things do happen, sometimes our loved ones do check in on us and yes, even can remind us of promises made.

Last week  Thursday we met at the Cultural Hall to create our own live wreaths.  This is the first time I've done this and it was fun.  I hung mine outside by the front door, in the little protected area but hope I get around to hanging it out on the front side so that all can see it from the street.

The next holiday event for me was Dec 5...a luncheon cookie exchange.  Rrrrobin had called me and asked if I'd help her put on a cookie exchange...and if I thought we would be able to get enough interested ladies.  It's been years since I'd been to one. The RS did one for a couple of years and when we had them in homes, they worked well. The last time was at church and personally I thought it was a disaster.  Ladies came with the collies not completed.  One brought a store bought boxed cookie.  One had to wrap up her caramels which weren't quite set yet.  I decided then I wouldn't do this again. But for Robin i did...and for Robin I would do just about anything.  She asked me to make up an invite but then used one of her own.  So reallly it was her party and it was LOVELY!

Pam suggested I make the Butterfly cookies which are a French cookie.  I made them on Tuesday and then baked them Wednesday morning, They really are only good on the day they are made. Monday and part of Tuesday was spent making these lovely boxes to put the cookies into.  I have to say again.  I love SVGs.  I almost feel creative when I do such a project but I have no true creativity.  Again...I am a good copier.

 When I got to Robin's house this was how we all were greeted.  Isn't this this loveliest table?  Her cookies were bagged and placed in Frosty's top hat for each of us to take home.
 The original plan (or maybe it was my plan) was that we'd each bring a boxed lunch and then we'd switch with someone else.  I'm guessing because we did not do this, too many of the ladies didn't like the idea of swapping or else they were too picky with what they would eat.  That's too bad.  It's always more fun to eat something someone else put together. But oh well...the sitting around the common table and sharing histories of our lives, our conversions and our recipes/cookbooks was a delightful way to spend a few hours.
 Jan Warren (chocolate chips) and Colleen Petz (Pizelles)

Pat DeVore (peppermint shortbread cookies), Deborah Weight (the best ever frosted sugar cookies), and Robin Falke
 simply beautiful Susan Hansen (copy cat of Girl Scouts Thin Mints, recently returned to us from Wooster!
 Kathy Jones (another type of shortbread)
Hostess Robin (shortbread) with Caroline Benedum (cheese and apricot cookies)
And below you will notice a pile of, not really.  This is this amazingly huge cookie jar...a gift from Robin for helping her in her calling a few times.  Truly, I did nothing and as I said before, I'd do just about anything for Robin...but I love gifts!

After this event it was time to head home, one piano lesson, and then the December dinner out with Friends and Neighbors.  We went to The Ground Round and none of the 14 of us said we'd return.  But we seldom go out to eat for the food alone.  For us, who have been together forever at least it seems that was the organization I joined my first week after moving to Sheffield Lake...we just love getting together to laugh and  joke and be silly. These women are the best ever!
 Eileen Rockwell and JoAnn McFall
 Joyce Borlog, Donna Smith, Carol Trubach
Carol, Ann Vance, Kathy Janosik
 Lucille Hambly, Grace Ann Kramer, Kathy Burill
Marianne Bontemp and Lynette Moore...who could rule the world if she had a mind to! 
Sue Chapman, Lucille, and Grace Ann

Today is Dec. 6...look who got to go to Show and Tell Today

Marissa called me and said they were coming by to drop off some stuff they had  of ours so the 4 of them came and we enjoyed a lunch of my-style Skyline chili.  Henry was too happy wandering over my house, looking at decorations and playing with the original Little People town not to mention playing the piano.

It was fun to hold wee Oskar again and see that he is filling out.  I called him fluffy...not fat, mind you...but not that newborn look.  He's a sweetheart baby.

So my day is almost over.  I have one more piano lesson to give, I have Robert's dinner ready, and then I need to be at the main branch of the Lorain County Library to have my picture taken as one of the newest Trustee of the Library.  Whew!  Don't you just love the various things we can do when it's the holidays?


Lin Floyd said...

you are keeping busy too-fun stuff-family and friends and FOOD!

Jocelyn Christensen said...

What a full day! I loved seeing the friends and neighbors pics special!

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