Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas Message from the Barrett's school superintendent

Dawn sent this one to me and I wanted to be sure and keep it handy for future reference.  I think this man probably falls into the brave category and I hope he isn't made to regret this.  I found this letter perfect:

Dear Staff, Parents and Community Members:
This may be an unusual holiday note from a public school Superintendent and it may deviate somewhat from the “separation of church and state”.  Nevertheless, I have given a great deal of thought over the past week to the message I want to share with you. 

My parents were born in Greece and came to America at very young ages; in fact, my mother was only twelve and came alone on a ship across the ocean.  Neither of them could speak English or had any resources to speak of.  Years later, after an arranged marriage, they managed to build a wonderful life in America, own their own little restaurant and raise and educate their three children; my brother is a retired District Court Judge and my sister is a retired Principal/Special Education Director. 
There were two things that were of utmost importance to my parents for the three of us: a strong religious faith and belief system and a good education.   Both were drilled into us in Greek and in English from the time we were born!   
So, you may ask what any of this has to do with my holiday message.  My message to you is simply based on the foundation instilled in me by my parents.

Regardless of your religious affiliation or belief, as we approach this holiday season I ask you to please join me in prayer, first and foremost, for the safety and good health of all of our children.

Second, I ask that you join me in honoring and recognizing our dedicated teachers, administrators and support staff members who, in your absence, educate, love, care for and keep your children safe every day.  The recent media coverage of the Connecticut tragedy refers to the teachers, administrators and support staff as “heroes” for behaving in a manner that protected the children before themselves.  Lake Orion educators are heroes every single day who believe in service beyond self, a rare quality today.  

And, finally, I wish a very Merry Christmas to those who celebrate this blessed day and a Happy New Year to all.  
Sincerely, Marion Ginopolis, Superintendent
Lake Orion


Lin Floyd said...

good for that God we trust in one nation under God despite the atheists best efforts...

Dawn Mercedes said...

Our district has been amazing this week...including the big, crazy holiday celebration on Friday! More security...but smooth...and calm.

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