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Thanksgiving 2012....Lake Orion, Michigan

We traveled to Dawn and Ken's for Thanksgiving this year and it was delightful.  Dawn had cooked 2 turkeys on  my encouragement and we had plenty of turkey to eat and leftover. But who doesn't love leftover turkey later when the snow flies and winter is long?  Bringing out the turkey and gravy, having a repeat meal or an open-faced sandwich brings back the feel and flavor of late fall. The weather this year was 60 degree up past Detroit.

I drove all the way and the going was easy until we were north of Detroit...and then it was bumper to bumper. I just have to say Michigan drivers are crazy!  It took us well over 30 minutes to go 4 miles to the exit at LaPeer where the Palace of Auburn is located....sadly, there was a Justin Bieber concert that night..Yikes...was so glad to get to the Palace Inn where we spent the nights.  Here's the scene down the hallway...our room was almost the last one on the right..but as we walked down all I could think about was the scene from The Shining.

 Dawn had loved my mom's chandelier and always had helped clean all these crystals.  I was not as fond of it so when we replaced it Dawn was happy to take it.  And this past week Ken installed it.  This is what greeted us when we drove up about 8:30 Wednesday night.

Photo: 300 crystals later...and the new chandelier is UP!

This hangs in their foyer and you can see it from the street through the windows over the front door.  I know my mom would be so happy that it still shines light for her family.  I know I got a bit emotional when I saw it from the stairway.  When the sun shines, the crystals cast rainbows all over the place. Very cool, indeed.

Cara and Jacob and their sweet 5 kids arrived about 3am Thanksgiving morning at their motel.  We had hoped Jordan and Hillary and wee ones would be joining us but the kiddies had gotten sick and they didn't come.  It was so good to have the Kennedys arrive at the house...and shortly after that Robert's nephew Ben and wife Kaylee arrived with their absolutely adorable daughters, Cora and Elsie.

The tables were set Photo: Gave up my art room for this feast....Love my family!and we had these perfect place cards
Photo: Still hoping that we will have a Thanksgiving Miracle tomorrow morning!  We're ready for you....still have a kitchen table we can add to the long line,  matching linens and plenty of food...keeping our fingers crossed... Jordan Hatch and Hillary Hatch and babes!   These are the ones made just in case, always in hope that the New Hatch Batch would surprise us and arrive.  But they didn't altho we did Skype with them and Jocelyn's family.

Food was wonderful...and lots of it.  We all decided that Hillary's roll recipe is a more pleasant tasting dough than the one we've always used.  I know the difference is in the use of milk so I will be changing Linda Zuro's recipe in hopes to improve on it...altho when Linda made these, they were perfect. The magic was all in Linda's hands.

Cara with a triple potato.
We ate and ate and ate some more.  Here's Adelle...wonder...which has the most amount?  The pie or the whipped cream.   Dawn is so my mother.  We had to have a 2nd meal. And most everyone ate again.  Sadly, I had another UTI and just wasn't much into eating and sitting or slouching was the best I could do.  Here I am with Ella, Cody, Kaylee and Elsie

Between meals we did our crafts.  Dawn, our personal craft maven came up with 2 excellent ones.  One for the kid...they made an ornament (see Kipp with his above).  The moms made a 3 frame creche scene..I didn't finish mine but here's what they look like. I'll post them once they are completed and hung on the wall...They will have a ribbon for them to hang down from, and the color of the wall will be the color that shows through the glass.

The boys had a grand time playing games with each other which actually began with a Turkey Bowl at 9am for Ken, Jacob, Cody and Robert as viewer (thank goodness).

And naturally the weather was amazing and Dawn/Ken have this super basketball standard out front. Here's Sam showing off his perfect form:

Since Ella and Adelle only have brothers it was fun for them to be together.  Ella took her very interesting styling wand and did Adelle's hair in waves.  Very nice!

Our first grandson, Cody, has also achieved  the status of EAGLE SCOUT. Robert presented him with a token of our joy:

It's  Leatherman!  Multi-purpose tool.  Years ago, years and years ago, when Dawn was in college or just graduated, she gave Robert one. And he has it with him all the time!

Here he is showing off his original one: 

Friday morning we headed to the Lake Orion Mall which really is this HUGE mall, in the round, and all the stores are exquisite outlet stores.  Famous names.  We went and tried to keep track of each other and finally commented that cell phones are a perfect instrument for such a trip.  The madness of the night before was over.  So we could just enjoy the crowds.  I really had to chuckle when I saw this store and took a picture of it.  This is the store that was a prelude to Victoria Secret...this was the VS of my era...the sexy, scanty clothes.  I agreed with Robert...we didn't know it was still in business but there it was...and it's still sexy and scantily clothed.
Wonder if Cody has a girlfriend or was he shopping for Ella?

There was one store with a Santa figure and I think this is all the picture taking with Santa that we will get this year.

Here's Dawn and Ken

Adelle and Ella

and of course, Robert and me!

Peter with me and with Robert.  Robert is by far his favorite.  If he could have he would have sat by Robert at dinner but my placecard had me next to him.  I switched with Peter during dessert!  But I will always take a snuggle with any of my grands who have time to stop and visit.

Sadly Dawn and I and Ken were too busy to take many pictures...but luckily Cara had her new phone and enjoyed snapping some pictures.  I know Ben took a lot of pictures, too, but we need to get him to transfer them from the camera to us.  Then we will have more pictures of everyone/everywhere.  As I get pictures, IF I get more, I'll add them.

But it was a Thanksgiving to remember and cherish whether we have pictures or not.  There are pictures that remain in our hearts and in our memories.  I think it's great that we have one day set aside for giving thanks but it is better that we remember our gratitude every day, through out the year.

Special thanks to Dawn and Ken for hosting Thanksgiving this year.  Special thanks for Kennedy's and McElroys who drove up for the day.  Special thanks for those family members who could not but  came in thoughts!  Luckily for me, Ben McElroys forwarded me some pix he took so my entry now is more complete:
 Engineers Robert and Elsie
 Elsie rocking and Cora watching

 Fearless Elsie climbs the stairs while mom Kaylee guards the bottom
 Prepping the potatoes while "overlord" Jacob watches
 Kaylee and Cora
 Beautiful Adelle
 Adelle is great with is piano time with the kids and puppets.

Whew!  potatoes are done!
 Cody...our hottie hottie
Cutie Kipp
I brought up a boxload of books for all ages and interests and everyone had their chance to peruse and select.  So happy my grands love to read!

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