Monday, November 26, 2012

Oskar Grey Trefethen

Andrew Trefethen, Hank and Oskar, Robert Hatch, Bishop Steve Weight

Sunday, 25 November 2012, Oskar had his big day!  Blessing Day...and again, another infant wears my grandfather's christening gown, made for him in 1898 by his grandmother.

 Hank and Marissa, Henry and Oskar

 Back Row:  Andrew, Parker, Henry.  Front Row:  Hank, Marissa and Oskar, Kathy
 Susan, Marissa and Oskar, Henry and Hank, Robert

 The M2T2 Family
 Kerri Johnson
 Oskar with his Silver Eagle...silver crossing palms of babies insures the child of needed money, or so goes the old tradition.  But all Oskar seems to want is to sleep!
 Granny snuggling for a few minutes

It is always a joy to welcome a babe into the family and it's made more special to welcome him with a father's giving the name and the blessing for his future.  This was then followed by a delicious dinner made by Hank.

Special Day,  Special Babe!


Lin Floyd said...

congrats-fun traditions, like your hair color and style!

LeAnn said...

Lovely pictures of a treasured day. I loved the blessing gown. All three of my daughters were blessed in my father's blessing gown.
Blessings and joy for you!

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