Thursday, November 08, 2012


In Jocelyn's own words on FaceBook:  "After 3 hours of labor...3 minutes of pushing...we've got ourselves a BEAUTIFUL healthy 10 pound baby!!  No tears no stitches!  Quick and clean and no drugs... she is a very peaceful baby who looks like her siblings."
 Isn't this amazing?  We were driving when we talked with Jocelyn (aren't cell phones wonderful?)  She had been to the doctor who declared he didn't like her walking around since she'd dilated and was at 6 cm (whatever that exactly means...I do inches).  So Steve was busy hustling around the house so it was clean and an area painted so the house would look lovely for his new daughter (isn't that sweet?).

Jocelyn was busy trying to get ahold of her friends who had agreed to watch her kids (again, why can't they all live close to me?).  She was scheduled to go into the hospital at 2pm and naturally, she had all things taken care of and merrily went off to be delivered.

She called us just after 9pm last night.  Dawn had called after Adelle's concert and asked if Jocelyn had her baby yet.  I didn't know.  Immediately after we hung up, Jocelyn called to announce the baby girl had been born about 6:24pm...that's what I remember.  She weighs 9 pounds 5 ounces and is beautiful I am told.  

Imagine...2 new grandchildren born 30 hours apart.  I am imagining that these 2 spirits might have been good friends in the premortal world and happily came down as extended members of the same family.  Yes, I have these flights of fancy.  And just like Oskar before, these 2 are born into amazingly creative families who know how to nurture their children, love their children, and teach them.  That picture above is one of Honor wearing the tradition Baby Mary Janes that I knit for all babies, and have since I was about 8...pattern my grandmother brought with her from England.  I am happy to see they keep her tootsies warm now but still have room to allow for more for blessing day.

I am happy!  But look at how happy the 3 older siblings look...Little Guy is such a man already!


Lin Floyd said...

HURRAH! I predicted Nov 7th on Jocelyn's blog and it happened. Two grand babies so close together what a blessing-hope they aren't both blessed on the same day in two different!

Jocelyn Christensen said...

Yes! Thankful in every way today!!!!

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