Saturday, November 17, 2012

Crocker Park's Tree Lighting

Pam Barlow's birthday was on the 14th and we decided since Robert was home and not working that we would celebrate as we usually do by going out to eat.  She said we didn't have to go anyplace special, just being together with good food was enough for her.  PLUS...she had heard the Crocker Park in Westlake was having their tree lighting ceremony tonight.  That meant we would eat at Champps, a place none of us had tried yet.  It was a great choice.  We went early so we would be able to get a soon quickly.  Another great choice since we were the last to be seated immediately...after us, the line waiting just kept growing.

The manager came round to be sure we were satisfied.  I mentioned that this was our first time and he handed us each a card with a predetermined amount already on it...from $3 to $30.  Oh yes, we will be going back.  It took awhile to snake out the door, and then snack around the Park.  The crowd kept swelling. We stood in various lines for free giveways...and the crowd kept swelling.  We signed up for baskets of prizes...and the crowds were getting thick.  The  Disney Channel people had a huge stage set up with loud speakers.  There were singing and dancing contests.  Everyone was very merry... and we noticed there were more and more people ringing the tree that took 3 days to assemble.  We went into Barnes and Nobles to get warm...and the crowds were crazy and there was still 40 minutes left to the tree lighting and fireworks.  We could barely get out of that store and Pam said she was fine not waiting for the lighting, that if we wanted to see the tree lit we could come back later.

As we walked to the car, the crowds were streaming down the walkways. It was incredible.  People had to park across Detroit Road, in the KMart lot and trot all the way south to the Park.  We were so glad we opted to leave..and then when we got to the highway, we just laughed at the line of cars lined up for over 1 mile, probably closer to 2, in order to leave the highway at the Crocker exit.  If they only knew.

Here's a picture we had so I doubt it'll copy well but it's a taste of the fun we had.  It was cold...
So naturally we made one more stop on the way home...McDonalds for hot cocoa.  And there we sat laughing and telling stories.  It was a great evening and I know I say this everytime I blog the 4 of us together...these are the best people ever.  We love them.  We hope we have many, many years of more crazy fun nights.  We've already chosen our Christmas dinner out spot...The Strip in Avon.


Jocelyn Christensen said...

fun! I want to see more christmas lights!

Lin Floyd said...

good friends to share fun times are a blessing!

LeAnn said...

What a fun outing. My husband took me out for a very nice dinner and movie to celebrate our 50th anniversary of our 1st date. We went around 5pm and we were glad we did. The restaurant filled up fast. Always fun to try new places with friends.

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