Thursday, October 11, 2012


We have a large tree in the island in the front of our yard.  Lately it's been dying off.  Limbs come off in  high winds or ice or rain even.  Once on very large, long and big limb came down but it was totally hollow.  It was one long lovely straw for a giant's milkshake. But scary all the same.

Then one day, I heard these strange noises.  I thought they were coming from a tree that was being cut down across the street and east of us.  A week later, I heard it at night, in the wind and knew it was coming from this one tree.  I think we walked Trefethens out to their car a couple nights later and while Hank tied down something huge (don't remember what) I heard it again and asked Robert if he had heard it.  Luckily he had.  And we knew this tree had to come down.

Now the mill has said that the managers canNOT work more than 5 days/week.  So if Robert has to work the weekend (Saturday/Sunday) then he has to take off days during the week. Today was one of those days.  But what does Robert decide to do?  TAKE DOWN THE TREE....BY HIMSELF.  Can you see Robert using the chain saw in the crook of the tree?Now, you know me...I'm freaking out.  One huge branch came down by the time I got out there with tennis shoes on, not slippers.  I was ready to pull on the rope but the huge chunk went off but not down.  Now I am really freaking.

Suddenly this truck that was heading north on Warwick, looks, backs up, and offers to help Robert cut down the tree. I'm saying YES...Robert's saying NO.  YES won...did you have any doubt?  And they were formerly employed by a tree company and are insured. And they are doing all this work for a song.  I am blessed.  I so wanted a live man and house whole at the end of the day.  And besides, Robert is old but I'd like him to get older.  Plus this one guy is a climber.

So they worked hard and took down the major part of the tree.  I am relieved and grateful.  I love how blessings come knocking on our doors without being asked.


Dawn Mercedes said...

oh glad you are both safe! and the future is more safe!

heather said...

Probably because you were (are) many times a blessing, knocking on the door, without being asked.

Lin Floyd said...

men have a harder time aging and slowing down. My hubby is 4 years younger and thinks he can do! Currently he's building a small wooden boat in our garage to keep himself busy...

LeAnn said...

Your husband sounds a little like mine. He is one of those, I want to do it myself type. I am happy that you were able to get it taken care of without your hubby or you getting hurt. I have found myself many times out trying to assist my man and sometimes I have made the situation worse. Yes, said and unsaid prayers are answered. I do know we have a loving Heavenly Father watching over us.

Kate said...

What a blessing that help came along just when it was needed most!

Jocelyn Christensen said...

I like your new halloween background!

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